Monday, October 17, 2011

Illamasqua Freak

"Teased by the sweet pungent tang of opium". An extract from Theatre of the Nameless instantly made me think of Freak. From first smelling it I loved the scent, strong, deep & with a touch of sweetness. I'd say if you enjoy Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille you may also love this. I'd save it for the night, but cold winter days seem appropriate as well. At first & well still now, I can't quite explain the scent, it's probably one of the most distinguished perfumes I've tried. Not just for the scent, but for the feelings when wearing or smelling it, Freak has a personality.

I could copy & paste the details about the fragrance, but I think that'd take away the fun & personality away from it. That & the ingredients, to me, are a foreign knowledge, but it does make me think old worldy & all things mysterious & magical. So I direct you here. Go read!

It's released on the 20th October & will retail at £59 for 75ml for Eau De Parfum, nothing less, no eau de toilettes here thanks.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Be it late, very late at that, I finally have the time to compose a post on my first glossybox . When I received this I was off to London Fashion Week & as soon as I got back from those hectic 7 days I was thrown straight into university. So forgive me for being the crappest blogger of all, better late than never, right?

Firsty, as a bit of a design freak I love all the care that has gone into little details, even the delivery box is appealing. Always a good start with me, win me over with design. Unfortunately, the postman/lady may have been a bit careless with my box as my hd brows palette managed to crumble a bit & spread it's way around my box. However, getting past that, I enjoyed the range of products, from hair care to moisturiser, it was a nice selection.

I was happy to see a sample of the Moa green balm, it's something I've been meaning to try, it seemed to save my cuticle disgraced hands & chapped lips, so very happy with that one.

The HD brow set colour is way too dark for myself, but I can see it being a very useful palette, the product applies nicely & seems to be of good quality, what puts it down a bit is the packaging, it reminds me of cheap cosmetic gift sets, know the ones I mean? That's always a turn off for me to be honest.

The Green People Day Solution hydrating balancing day cream, has a strong natural smell to it, not the most appealing smell but you know you're putting something good, organic & non-synthetic on your skin. Need to test this a little more.

Plum by Mary Greenwell, not my favourite kind of scent, but always nice to get testers something new, it's not going to please everyone as fragrance is a very personal thing, a little too mature for my liking.

Rahua shampoo & conditioner made my hair feel great, I still have another sample left, saving it for when I need my have to be looking somewhat good!

I'm looking forward to getting my October glossybox & seeing what's in store for this month.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lily Loves Lola purchases

I came home today to my Lily loves Lola order. Victoria has just recently launched her own shop of chunky knitwear & sweet friendship bracelets. I usually look at a shop & save it for possible later purchasing but with it being £1.75 for a bracelet I couldn't help myself & bought a few things. I really love these, not only are they ridiculously good value but they'd be nice little somethings to add to gifts. I love a collection of bracelets so these aren't going to any of my friends at the minute, but that could be another future cheeky purchase, the scarfs look amazing too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lights Out, Words Gone

My tattoo seems to have almost fully healed, it's still a little tender, but then when my skin has been scratched to death with a needle I think it's safe to say it will remain a little sensitive for a while. The pain was bearable, which was surprising as I was completely bricking it hours before I went to get it done. Must just be dead hard, of course. I had drawn up my own design but upon sorting positioning & all that shizz, Ian (tattooist) at Inkslingers drew it up freehand anyway. After hours & hours looking for feathers I liked the look of, I was quite surprised how easily I handed over my arm for him to just draw away permanently into my skin. I'm a dreaded decision maker & complete control freak for perfection, but all senses must have been lost when I let him do his own thing, that or I felt at complete ease & trusted him. I think it's the later to be honest, if you're in the Newcastle area I'd definitely recommend him, he was sound & his personal work is top notch!

I had a 'meeting' with uni yesterday, they called it a meeting, I was calling it a meeting, but upon arriving it was very much an interview. A bloody awful interview. I was expecting a one on one friendly chat about why I wanted to change course, a little about myself & showing a few bits & bobs of my work. However, I was greeted by two tutors, a lot of questions & judging looks. Meeting my arse. Nerves hit & words failed me, answers to their questions made no sense & generally sounded like gibberish. They queried how I'd feel about a lot of written work, now this doesn't scare me, I was an English freak at school, but no doubt they felt the need to ask the question when within the first 5 minutes the words 'oh what's that word, I can't remember it but it's.....oh, err' came out of my sodding mouth. I was supposed to get an email yesterday, I didn't, hopefully they just forgot, but I did get one today asking for proof of my qualifications to be emailed through to process my application, so I hope that's good news & I didn't come across like a complete tit.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Packing light

I'm finding it quite hard to pack light for Leeds fest. I started off with a smaller toiletry bag but couldn't fit everything in, it's still a bit of a squeeze in the bigger one. They're all essentials, I've gone through the list trying to eliminate but nothing can be thrown away, how are 19 items essential?! My makeup bag is another long list of items, some may not be essential, like reflects glitter for example, but that's a product we can let slip. My bag is going to be so heavy! My god.

The hardest decision is working out outfits. I'm not one to make a massive effort & look like a tit walking around in a muddy field, but I like to know when I'm awkwardly getting dressed in a tent with no mirrors that I know the whole ensemble meshes well & I'm not actually left looking like I did get dressed in a tent with no mirrors & no sense of awareness. After my lash extensions later today (reasons for lash extensions for a festival - less time getting ready...of course!) I'll probably try scope something or other to wear since my wardrobe isn't shouting out to me right now.

I got my tattoo on Thursday at Inkslingers in Newcastle, it's still slightly tender but the detail is coming out nicely. Absolutely love it. However, I keep catching it in the mirror thinking I've just being drawing tattoos on my arm with a Penultimate liner, the reality of finally having an actual tattoo hasn't caught up on me yet.

Is anyone else heading to Leeds/Reading festivals?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sporadic Summary

Excuse the photobooth picture, the lights not too great & I need to order a wireless remote for my DSLR, self timer just doesn't cut it. Running back & forth, no thanks! Although it could help with my diet of hell to lose weight, currently at 14.5lbs, so going well, I just need to see the results myself. Why is it you can never tell as much on yourself, it'd spur me on more if I could! Proof that the lack of tasty food is working!

I've finally decided on my first tattoo & am going to finally get it done on Monday, it's only taken me 8 months, but definitely is the perfect combination of images I wanted. So come Monday after my freelance (dying for a lie in) I'll be going to Hype in town with my bezza to get inked, cannot wait.

Still haven't heard anything back from the uni about transferring courses to BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Practice. I'm kind of bricking it, it's cutting it short for applying for funds & what if I don't get granted an extra year of funds, I'll be totally screwed & left working full time for another year. fml. Fingers crossed it all sorts out asap! Has anyone else applied for finances really late, did they turn up relatively on time or majorly late?

The new blog domain isn't going too bad, I prefer it a lot more, although my traffic has completely dropped but there are a few new followers, so hi to you! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog change

You might have noticed if you've gone to that it no longer works. Reason for this is due to my pure stupidity of forgetting to renew it, I'd had emails reminding me, but when it passed the date of expiry & the domain still worked I assumed it'd automatically renewed. It hadn't, oops. I've wanted to change names for a long time now anyway, so here it is... 25-36.
I probably will lose some readers if they're unaware of this change, it's inevitable, but if you have any links on your blog I'd really appreciate it if you could update them to my new url & even maybe spread the word on twitter as my tweets could always miss some readers. Hopefully blogging will be more regular & a variety of posts. Change is good, hope so anyway!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Festival Shananagans Wishlist

all above: missguided

all above: Boohoo

Over the past few days I've been compiling a wishlist of Leeds fest outfits. I have my tickets, Hunters are at the ready & I have the option (dilemma) of wearing my Grandad's wax Barber. Which I don't know whether it looks festival chic or ridiculously big despite him being a small man. Needless to say I'm getting very excited, I'm almost counting down the days.

I just recently came across missguided which is pretty slow of me, but it's pretty bloody good, my wishlist got a little out of hand at one point. Then there's Boohoo & that beautiful kimono that needs to be in my So many wants right now, thank god for wedding season & freelance jobs! What are you eyeing up at the minute?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleek Oh So Special palette

This is probably the most ideal palette for me, a selection of soft peachy tones in amongst deep chocolate browns & the deepest black. All of which are completely on trend for SS11 as well as AW11. It's ideal for day use & completely usable for a dramatic night look. The colour pay off is as per usual with the sleek palettes - surprisingly brilliant for such a low price. It retails at £6.49 & honestly you really can't go wrong, it's probably the most versatile, beautiful palette of colours that will all get used at one time or another. Definitely worth a drop in the shopping basket.

Sudocrem tube

In my adult life I've not used sudocrem as a staple, but I'm not going to lie, I have been caught with it dotted on my face during my years at uni, but I was never an avid user. This could be due to the massive, slightly less travel sized pot we have at home. But since being sent samples of the tube I've carried one with me when staying over & one by my bedside at home & have definitely come to realise the benefits of this cream.

I suffer from eczema, it's especially worse in the summer due to the heat, so putting a light layer of Sudocrem on my skin before bed has eased the itch & saved my legs being mauled by my scratching in my sleep. It also helped sooth my underarms when I had the bright idea to veet them, not the best thing I've done, it burned my skin & hurt for days, Sudocrem soothed it really well. I don't believe the Cheryl Cole claims that it'll get rid of a spot over night, but I do believe it helps soothe & protect skin really well. & for such a low price for a handy tube that you can take anywhere with you, it's definitely one of my must haves now.

Sudocrem also have this bagology app on facebook that determines your personality & traits from your bag, not sure how accurate it is but if you're intrigued & want to have a go head over to

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sleek Mediterranean Collection

I'm going to come clean, I've never owned a Sleek palette. I'd seen the hype, I was tempted but I never really bothered, after all I have palettes full of colours & draws full of pigments. That & I've always been a bit of a makeup snob. Bite me. I will however, eat all my words as the pigmentation in these products are incredible. In fact as I type I struggle to get an eyeshadow swatch off my hand.

The collection is inspired by vivid colours of the Mediterranean, very on trend with pop colours for S/S11. There's also a nice mix of neutrals in there, I've been reaching for the orange tones to create a colourful eye but still soft & wearable. I have to say Santorini blush scared me a little, being a make-up artist that sounds incredibly pathetic but I'm not a fan of a strong blue pink, but again I'll eat my words & say this, if applied properly (blend people!), it looks beautiful.

Monaco i-Devine palette: £6.49
Santorini Blush: £4.29.
(You know where to find these by now! Superdrug or at

Friday, June 10, 2011

Phil Smith Sea Salt Spray

Over the past few years sea salt spray seems to have become a cult product & what was once a hard to find product (unless you wanted to splash out on Bumble & Bumble) is now finding it's way in to many hair brand ranges. I remember a couple of years ago finding a Lee Stafford one, it wasn't expensive & the only one I could find in Boots. It was pants, instructions read "spray 50 times" 50 times? Not only could I not be bothered with that the results were sticky & horrible. So I decided to get the Label M when at my hairdressers, loved it, it got up my nose when I sprayed it but it gave great texture & volume, it's roughly £11, so not greatly expensive but still on the higher price scale.

I then tried the Phil Smith sea salt spray, it's £3.99, it smells like coconut & seems to give a slightly more tousled effect than the Label M version. Sea salt sprays tend to have a refreshing scent, it wakes me up a little more, but the Phil Smith scent has to be my favourite, not only does it give an effect of fresh air but it has that coconut infusion that smells amazing. I tend to spray this when my hair is damp & let it dry naturally, effortless & looks great, perfect for me as I'm not big on fussing over my hair. I didn't find this drying which I was slightly surprised at as my hair sometimes feels like straw, this must be due to the Pro-Vitamin B5 in the product that helps keep my hair a little smoother than the other sprays. For £3.99 I can't fault it, I've nearly finished the bottle! It's available in Sainsbury's & online at KMI club. Definitely a product to just slip into your shopping basket & give a try.

This product was sent for me to review, however, this does not affect my opinion & I will only give my honest thoughts.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paul Smith Optimistic giveaway results

When collecting the comments & tweets together I came to a total and put it through Ria was the winner, so one of the Paul Smith Optimistic bottles is on the way to her very soon. I have two bottles & was just about to make another post when I noticed that there were a lot more comments on my giveaway post than there was when counting final entries. No late entrants & definitely not a miscount, so the only explanation is the failure of blogger going down during my giveaway & many of the comments going missing. This now means that I missed out roughly 20 entries, which isn't fair at all. So instead instead of making another post I'm pulling out another number from the hat. So the second winner is...drum roll please... Cara!

Now away from the fail of google & on to possible posts. Summer is upon us, meaning festival season is too. Is anyone a first timer this year? I know when I was embarking on my first year at Leeds I was faced with packing dilemmas amongst slight reservations about certain things (the toilets being one!). I have a few products to review & have always wanted to do a sort of 'festival guide'/suggestion post, would you be interested? What kind of things, if a first timer, would you want to know about? Fire away with questions either here or on twitter. I can't say I know the answers to both but I'm happy to share experiences.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paul Smith Optimistic giveaway CLOSED

Haven't managed to win Kings of Leon tickets from last weeks Optimistic Monday? Or crossing your fingers for this weeks prize to win tickets to The Big Chill? Want to have another chance of winning something? Well then it's pretty good thing I've got a two 50ml bottles of the fragrance to give away (RRP £38). These giveaways are going to be in two posts, so I'm giving one away this week & one next! This is fab summer fragrance so try your luck & enter!

“I wanted to create a fragrance that bottled the spirit of optimism – that captured the youthful enthusiasm and energy I see around me every day. It’s about time that someone made a positive statement,” Paul Smith

The rules

+The giveaway will run for one week, ending at midnight (GMT) on the 17th May.
+ You must be a follower. You don't need a blog, but you have to follow me.
+ International entrants welcome.
+ Comment below with the words 'enter me' for an entry for this giveaway.
+ Leave your email/blog link/twitter so I can contact you.
+ Feel free to blog & link this giveaway.
+ For an extra entry tweet " @viclaho is having an a fab Paul Smith Optimistic perfume giveaway. ".

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Optimistic. Paul Smith.

Summer 2010. The best summer to date. Friendships grew, I met new people, saw new places, drink copious amounts of alcohol in beer gardens, back gardens, balconies and bars. Late night trips to the beach & not rolling up to the door step till the sun came up. Sunglasses on, music loud & windows down. Totally and utterly amazing. So I'm optimistic, now that the sun has arrived again, that this summer is going to follow in 2010's footsteps. I want this year to beat it, I want to not have a care in the world & enjoy summer just like the last.

Wondering why I've posted pictures of me looking like a scruff & giving you spiel about summer? I've been asked to collaborate with Paul Smith & the launch of his new fragrance Optimistic & these pictures of amazing memories are what makes me optimistic about this summer to come. The Paul Smith campaign is huge & very exciting so I nabbed the opportunity. The competition is being run through facebook & asks you to share & upload your most upbeat & optimistic photograph for a chance to win some amazing prizes. The 50 most liked photographs will win invites for themselves & a friend to attend the Paul Smith Optimistic summer party featuring a line-up of leading UK artists, & as if that prize isn't good enough the top three most liked photographs on the facebook app will win £500 to spend at Paul Smith. The competition doesn't stop there either, every 'Optimistic Monday' there's a new weekly prize to win, there's already been tickets to Bestival & the chance to meet Paul Smith himself. So like the Paul Smith Optimistic page, if not only to browse & be inspired by this greatly upbeat campaign but to upload your own pictures & have a chance to win some amazing prizes.

I'll keep you up to date either through my blog or twitter on up-to-date & exciting information on this. Also keep reading for a chance to win the fragrance its self on my blog.

So, what are you optimistic about?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sporadic summary

This week brought payday. I like payday, it's lethal, for the first few days I just spend copious amounts but still imagine that full payday sum to be my bank account figure. It obviously isn't & I've spent about £350 over the past few days. Never mind, ey. I bought some beautiful things (possible posts to come) & had a great weekend.

I had the whole week off work, can't say I did much, but valuable time was spent with the boyfriend before he started work this week. A lovely - despite the drizzle - trip to the beach, cinema antics & a Saturday night at Brighton Beach. Fun was had. The week ended with me being in at work on Sunday, bit shit really, especially after my spectacular fall the night before resulting in my foot being in complete agony. Rubber heels & wet floors do not mix people!

The picture above is a little knitted chick that came with a cream egg inside, how cute?! What's even cuter is that they were made by kids at a local school. Respect to the kids, because I wouldn't know where to start! Despite the cream egg (oh and the day after the night before food) , eating healthy & swimming is going well. Finally found my motivation & I've definitely got my swim back, like a pro!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baggu bags

Baggu bags, heard of them? I hadn't, despite some of their coverage being in Elle, Nylon and one of my favourite design blogs Design Sponge, I'd never heard or see them before. But I am definitely loving them now.

As a (ex/limbo) design student I'm drawn to these, the stunning colours, the simplicity of a great idea & of course the reason behind the bags. Want to know a little more about the ideas and people behing these? Watch this video.

If I knew about these when I was in uni it'd have saved me many an awkward trip carrying multiple books and A3 sketchbooks. I'd also have never forgotten these going shopping like I did multiple times with my massive tesco reusable bags. They come in little pockets, the material is made from the material loss when cutting out the neck of the bag, very economic & means you can just chuck these in your bag & not look like some loony bag lady with a mass pile of other reusable bags.

After researching these a little more, I actually want every type. Baggu for shopping, Baby Baggu for my lunch bag, Big Baggu for laundry, Duck Baggu for my laptop, books etc, you get the picture. I'd have a Baggu family.

Something I'm definitely considering for my Leeds Festival experience this year are these zipper bags. It'll easily compress my belongings, keep clean clothes away from the mud-ridden-dirty & the smaller ones would be amazing for little bits and bobs like the necessary skincare pieces, camera and I would say makeup, but who are we kidding, I'd definitely need the bigger zipper for that.

I love these things, very simple & practical but vibrant, my only problem is the shipping on the main website to the UK, $15, ouch. So instead.... Find Your Favorite Baggu Bag today, available now at SteadyGuy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Model for the day

Lauren and I have been wanting to collaborate for some time now, she's an incredible photographer, a true inspiration to me so working with her has been at the top of my list. Lauren wants to update her portfolio & I need to start mine as a make-up artist. This is where you come in!

(extracted from Lauren's blog)
We're looking for models. We already have a few people in mind and have already or will be contacting them in due course, but we're looking for interest from you gorgeous ladies.

Basically we're looking to shoot in a studio for a day at the beginning of July, please bear in mind the following:

1. It'll be a weekday. Probably Monday 4th July/Tuesday 5th. Dates are negotiable but due to Vicky's work it'll more than likely have to be a weekday.
2. We're currently thinking Leeds as a location, or around those parts. Nice and central (ish, with Vicky and me living at opposite ends of the country).
3. We don't care about size. It doesn't matter. It's all about your whole look.
4. Please don't think this is a popularity contest. Even if we don't choose you this time, I/we will more than likely want to work with you on future projects. This isn't a competition by any means.
5. We will pay for studio hire.
6. We're looking for around 4 females.

Please send me an email on dearlauren @ with some photographs (one face shot with preferably little make up, and a full clothed body shot) and a link to your blog (optional).
I'll forward these on to Vicky and we will contact everyone back and let them know by the end of April. If you don't want to model, and are a fashion student wanting to have your collection photographed, or have a friend that you think would be suitable, or anything like that then please email!
As aforementioned, even if we don't choose you this time, we will more than likely use you for our own future projects so there is definitely no harm in sending over an email.

We look forward to hearing from you. :)

Vic & Lauren.

Illamasqua Toxic Nature


00. Any company that sends me literature designed so beautifully, and so image heavy that my eyes never tire is an instant favourite. I've always loved Illamasqua, but this has topped my admiration over the edge to possible obsession. I literally cannot stop looking at these images, yes the makeup might be far from being consumer friendly, but aren't we a little bored of that anyway, who walks past a Bobbi Brown poster and takes a second look with awe? I've seen a few negative comments on the visuals because of that, but you cannot deny the incredible makeup artistry & personally I'd rather see this as a visual than a smokey eye. This baby is going in my inspiration folder, I love you Alex Box, you genius.

01. I was generously sent two of the cream pigments & a nail varnish from Hayley & Alex. I was unable to attend the event so it was a nice surprise coming home to this package that has everything, even the address label imprinted with the beauty of Illamasqua. I've given it a week or two to try out the products, I don't want to just jump in there, so you know I've tried & tested these products well.

02. Nail Varnish in Stagnate. Stagnate is a grey mauve, not a colour I would allocate to the S/S11 trends, but a colour I cannot get enough of. The purple undertone gives it that colourful edge, it's far from being a dull grey. Everything chips on my nails, they're very flexible therefore nothing lasts long, but on my strongest nails this varnish held up well & I'm really considering getting some falsies so I can wear this colour for longer & falsies are not my style! That is love people. The varnish goes on beautifully, no clogging, high shine, top notch stuff.

03. Cream pigments in Emerge and Delirium. Honestly, what better colours could I ask for? Peach & a taupe, very good against blue eyes. I've had a problem with creasing with Emerge, but no one else has, so it's very likely to be just me with the problem. Despite the initial creasing, I still pursued, I really loved the buildability and ease of blending with these pigments. Over the top of a MAC paint pot they last hours, with a bit of a base they're crease free & I don't seem to have a problem with Delirium creasing at all, so it's possibly been the lavish application of Emerge that was giving me a problem, you can't blame me though, the colour is so beautiful built up to the max.

04. Not from this collection, but my top favourite product for S/S11 from Illamasqua is the Gleam Cream. If you want something to give incredibly beautiful luminosity to the skin you need this. I think I rave on twitter about it at least once a week.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sporadic summary

1. This week has quite possibly been one of the worst weeks ever. Firstly my cat has gone missing, on Monday I visited the rescue center, called the local council & vets, but nothing. As if that wasn't upsetting enough on Monday night when driving to my boyfriends house I was mistaken for someone else & forced into a road accident, faced with a man holding a metal baton & left traumatised when the man realised I wasn't who he was looking for & he drove off pretty damn fast. I've had everyday off work since drugged up on Valium due to my neck and back pain, which is at times unbearable, not to mention the emotional trauma. Thankfully, I have my parents dealing with the useless police, my insurance company have been speedy & helpful in my claim & my boyfriend who has looked after me since it happened is absolutely amazing.

On the plus side of Monday I made cupcakes with the most amazing white chocolate mouth melting buttercream icing. Recipe here. I also concurred my fear of bearing all & went swimming, which I can't wait to do again once my back & neck feels better. Overall, Monday was quite eventful. My days are never usually filled with so much activity or drama.

2. Just to put another positive into this somewhat depressing post, I managed to get Leeds Festival tickets this morning. I really cannot wait.

3. I'm trying to decide what to do with my blog. I want to keep it up, but it's hard to get the time & I want it to be structured. I'll come up with something.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sporadic summary

LFW was immense, I don't want to delve into it too much, I'm still unaware of what I can divulge, after all it was a (crazy amazing) business trip & I need to be professional. Maybe one day I'll ask one of the PR girls what I can write about, given that I keep up a regular post as it's proven slightly hard to get time to blog.
Anyway, it was an incredible week. I got to see a show, eat Ladurée macaroons for the first time, speak to some very interesting people & see some lovely bloggers, some I'd met before & some I hadn't. Getting to LFW was an aim I set a year and a half ago so I'm quite proud that I got to the first stage all ready.


1. I'm gradually trying to improve things in my life, I feel rancid lately. Sick of lie ins, eating crap, not doing enough (any) exercise. So I'm going to try to..

2. Set my alarm early to make the most of my time, I hate living my days just going to work & nothing else. Productivity people!

3. Eat better. I'm starting to feel really sickly at night & I have a feeling it's to do with what I'm eating. I did a quick shop earlier tonight, my basket was full of fruit, salad, flatbread, homous & cous cous for my breakfasts & lunches.

4. Tonight I finally got myself out for a run, I can't get used to breathing & I'm not a natural runner but god help me I'll keep trying. I've also been using my pole (all for fitness guys, I'm not planning on taking up a second job in a mens club) & hell can I feel it! Pain is gain, pain is gain!

5. I need to dust off my DSLR & start carrying it around with me again. I miss real photographs, iphones are great but a real, crisp photograph with depth is where it's at!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monthly summary

Some bloggers do a Monday Summary...I might as well do a quarterly one at this rate. Excuses on that to come. Firstly, Happy Valentines day, whether you're a being a sickly couple or a sexy independent I hope you're having a lovely day, after all the sun has come to shine & that can make anyone smile.

I'm not so much being a sickly couple, I'm totally too cool for that...ha! In fact I stood at the card isle wanting to chuck up at some of the cards, I felt rather exposed & awkward standing there in amongst all the pink & red gooey mush written on some of them. However, I am in fact in love so I bought one & have a little surprise hidden inside of the card which will hopefully make him smile. I am a bit of a sucker for surprises & some romantic gestures really. I was woken up with breakfast in bed before he got ready for work, which was very lovely & romantic, is there a mushy meal to follow tonight? Nooo, don't be silly, we're going out in Newcastle, drunken times to come, I'm very excited!


1. I finally got an iPhone. Yes I have apparently switched to the darkside, sorry bbm bezzies! I'm loving it, so many things to do on it, it's very me. I've become obsessed with instagram, I'm, starting to feel quite sorry for my DSLR. Should really be using that amazing lens I got for Christmas. Should memo this on iPhone.

2. This week I am off to the capital, Landan to have a jolly good time, pip pip. Well fingers crossed I'll be having a good time, no doubt I will, but I'll be working LFW. Hell yess!! Hard work, but damn an amazing opportunity. I feel very honored to have been chosen since this is my first year for events & my first ever event! One whole week there, I may start classing myself as a Londoner. If you're in the press I may just see you there!

3. I'm so happy right now in my relationship. I don't want to write too much on here, but it's crazy how happy & different I feel this time. No arguments, I smile & laugh every day, we can go out together on a night, get drunk together & have the best night ever, it's crazy amazing. Totally worth the wait.

4. I'm getting hair extensions today. Well I plan on ordering them today, I want long luxurious hair for LFW.

5. I'm off work (well from the actual place of work, not including London) for roughly two and a half weeks. A holiday I've been waiting months for! Relaxation time to come.