Monday, August 22, 2011

Packing light

I'm finding it quite hard to pack light for Leeds fest. I started off with a smaller toiletry bag but couldn't fit everything in, it's still a bit of a squeeze in the bigger one. They're all essentials, I've gone through the list trying to eliminate but nothing can be thrown away, how are 19 items essential?! My makeup bag is another long list of items, some may not be essential, like reflects glitter for example, but that's a product we can let slip. My bag is going to be so heavy! My god.

The hardest decision is working out outfits. I'm not one to make a massive effort & look like a tit walking around in a muddy field, but I like to know when I'm awkwardly getting dressed in a tent with no mirrors that I know the whole ensemble meshes well & I'm not actually left looking like I did get dressed in a tent with no mirrors & no sense of awareness. After my lash extensions later today (reasons for lash extensions for a festival - less time getting ready...of course!) I'll probably try scope something or other to wear since my wardrobe isn't shouting out to me right now.

I got my tattoo on Thursday at Inkslingers in Newcastle, it's still slightly tender but the detail is coming out nicely. Absolutely love it. However, I keep catching it in the mirror thinking I've just being drawing tattoos on my arm with a Penultimate liner, the reality of finally having an actual tattoo hasn't caught up on me yet.

Is anyone else heading to Leeds/Reading festivals?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sporadic Summary

Excuse the photobooth picture, the lights not too great & I need to order a wireless remote for my DSLR, self timer just doesn't cut it. Running back & forth, no thanks! Although it could help with my diet of hell to lose weight, currently at 14.5lbs, so going well, I just need to see the results myself. Why is it you can never tell as much on yourself, it'd spur me on more if I could! Proof that the lack of tasty food is working!

I've finally decided on my first tattoo & am going to finally get it done on Monday, it's only taken me 8 months, but definitely is the perfect combination of images I wanted. So come Monday after my freelance (dying for a lie in) I'll be going to Hype in town with my bezza to get inked, cannot wait.

Still haven't heard anything back from the uni about transferring courses to BA (Hons) Contemporary Photographic Practice. I'm kind of bricking it, it's cutting it short for applying for funds & what if I don't get granted an extra year of funds, I'll be totally screwed & left working full time for another year. fml. Fingers crossed it all sorts out asap! Has anyone else applied for finances really late, did they turn up relatively on time or majorly late?

The new blog domain isn't going too bad, I prefer it a lot more, although my traffic has completely dropped but there are a few new followers, so hi to you! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog change

You might have noticed if you've gone to that it no longer works. Reason for this is due to my pure stupidity of forgetting to renew it, I'd had emails reminding me, but when it passed the date of expiry & the domain still worked I assumed it'd automatically renewed. It hadn't, oops. I've wanted to change names for a long time now anyway, so here it is... 25-36.
I probably will lose some readers if they're unaware of this change, it's inevitable, but if you have any links on your blog I'd really appreciate it if you could update them to my new url & even maybe spread the word on twitter as my tweets could always miss some readers. Hopefully blogging will be more regular & a variety of posts. Change is good, hope so anyway!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Festival Shananagans Wishlist

all above: missguided

all above: Boohoo

Over the past few days I've been compiling a wishlist of Leeds fest outfits. I have my tickets, Hunters are at the ready & I have the option (dilemma) of wearing my Grandad's wax Barber. Which I don't know whether it looks festival chic or ridiculously big despite him being a small man. Needless to say I'm getting very excited, I'm almost counting down the days.

I just recently came across missguided which is pretty slow of me, but it's pretty bloody good, my wishlist got a little out of hand at one point. Then there's Boohoo & that beautiful kimono that needs to be in my So many wants right now, thank god for wedding season & freelance jobs! What are you eyeing up at the minute?