Monday, October 17, 2011

Illamasqua Freak

"Teased by the sweet pungent tang of opium". An extract from Theatre of the Nameless instantly made me think of Freak. From first smelling it I loved the scent, strong, deep & with a touch of sweetness. I'd say if you enjoy Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille you may also love this. I'd save it for the night, but cold winter days seem appropriate as well. At first & well still now, I can't quite explain the scent, it's probably one of the most distinguished perfumes I've tried. Not just for the scent, but for the feelings when wearing or smelling it, Freak has a personality.

I could copy & paste the details about the fragrance, but I think that'd take away the fun & personality away from it. That & the ingredients, to me, are a foreign knowledge, but it does make me think old worldy & all things mysterious & magical. So I direct you here. Go read!

It's released on the 20th October & will retail at £59 for 75ml for Eau De Parfum, nothing less, no eau de toilettes here thanks.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Be it late, very late at that, I finally have the time to compose a post on my first glossybox . When I received this I was off to London Fashion Week & as soon as I got back from those hectic 7 days I was thrown straight into university. So forgive me for being the crappest blogger of all, better late than never, right?

Firsty, as a bit of a design freak I love all the care that has gone into little details, even the delivery box is appealing. Always a good start with me, win me over with design. Unfortunately, the postman/lady may have been a bit careless with my box as my hd brows palette managed to crumble a bit & spread it's way around my box. However, getting past that, I enjoyed the range of products, from hair care to moisturiser, it was a nice selection.

I was happy to see a sample of the Moa green balm, it's something I've been meaning to try, it seemed to save my cuticle disgraced hands & chapped lips, so very happy with that one.

The HD brow set colour is way too dark for myself, but I can see it being a very useful palette, the product applies nicely & seems to be of good quality, what puts it down a bit is the packaging, it reminds me of cheap cosmetic gift sets, know the ones I mean? That's always a turn off for me to be honest.

The Green People Day Solution hydrating balancing day cream, has a strong natural smell to it, not the most appealing smell but you know you're putting something good, organic & non-synthetic on your skin. Need to test this a little more.

Plum by Mary Greenwell, not my favourite kind of scent, but always nice to get testers something new, it's not going to please everyone as fragrance is a very personal thing, a little too mature for my liking.

Rahua shampoo & conditioner made my hair feel great, I still have another sample left, saving it for when I need my have to be looking somewhat good!

I'm looking forward to getting my October glossybox & seeing what's in store for this month.