Friday, August 10, 2012

Urban Outfitters Autumn/Winter 2012/13

It's hard to think that autumn/winter 2012/13 collections are on their way or are already here when we don't seem to have had a summer yet. Personally, I prefer an Autumn/Winter collection to a Spring/Summer, I'm partial to layering, autumn burnt colours and a bit of knitwear, but for those who aren't, A/W 2012/13 isn't too heavy at all this year, in fact if we ever get a taste of summer weather any time soon I think A/W collections this year would still be very fitting with gypsy and bohemia inspiration being a forefront to the collection.

Urban Outfitters introduce two new collections 'A Modern Beat' think masculine meets feminine, mod style parkas, drainpipe jeans, slim fit and shirts tucked in. Then there's 'Tarot' a mixture of gypsy, bohemia and witchcraft, kind of paints a picture doesn't it? Think texture, lace and tapestry, layers and a lot of mystical and precious stone clad jewellery. Each collection has it's own style, but with colour palettes like khaki, grey, hot coral, burgundy and the always popular denim piece dotted about the collections mix beautifully. A/W makeup trends this year such as Roman-tique, a bohemia, electric and global influenced trend with sepia stains, texture, jewel-like metallics and a contemporary defused rethink on a smokey eye and the masculine trends where contour and structure is everything, where it's all about natural makeup with that hard, strong edge are very fitting to these Urban Outfitters collections. 

I was shown around the Newcastle store while Rachel told me about the collections, I've been in shopping a few times but it was great to find out that they're displaying art work from Northumbria University students/graduates which is where I study. You'll also find art work by Prefab 77, a collective of artists from the North East who's work is raw, British and rebellious, a perfect fit for the interior of Urban Outfitters.  Newcastle has the usual mix of Urban Outfitters own brand along with some amazing such as Vaudeville & Burlesque, Cheap Monday and Evil Twin, as well as their well known renewal selection of vintage and reworked pieces. It was great to find out the girl in charge of Newcastle's renewal selection is very particular and only puts out the best quality, so if you're in the area have a rummage!