Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Urban Outfitters Newcastle

Urban Outfitters finally graced the city of Newcastle with its presence and opened a lovely 3 storey store on Granger street. It's one of their largest stores, and boy is it big. When I saw the little 'coming soon' boxed up entrance months ago, where I think Kurt Geiger used to live, I thought it was going to be tiny and didn't see how they'd fit everything in there, so felt my excitement deflate a little. Until I walked through the door on a particularly horrible December afternoon and was pretty amazed at the vast size of the place.

In true Urban Outfitters style there's a little mezzanine floor between staircases filled with goods. This is where I picked up a vinyl wall frame (obviously minus the original 1960s album inside) for my boyfriend, perfect little present. The next floor was equipped with a great wall of shoes, tables filled with jewellery and little trinkets and the walls and rails clad with a lotta lotta clothes for the ladies, upstairs you have men's but I wasn't too interested in that and spent most of a good hour going around so many clothes and lovely bits and bobs dotted all over the shop. There's a great section of vintage finds which is where I picked up my 'Christmas jumper'. To the back of the women's floor theres a section thats slightly cornered off with sofas, mirrors and filled with unique beautiful clothes and just outside of that you'll find the most random and amazing products for gifts and the home.
I only picked up a few things that day, which is probably a good thing because I had a pretty Urban Outfitters themed Christmas, with presents from family and the boyfriend being from Aztec makeup bags and fringe clutch bags to analog camera necklaces and penguin fingerless gloves.

Seeing how busy the shop is when I've visited it and the shopping bags on the streets, I think Newcastle is now a little bit happier with the arrival of UO.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sleek brow kit

Not gonna lie, I've not posted for almost a century. However, my constant love for this product has urged me to spill my thoughts to you lot.

I believe in good brows, I'd rather walk out the house with a good set of brows than mascara. A brow (well two brows) can do so much for the face, they give structure around the eye, they give definition to the face over all and they can soften a sharp face or give angles to a rounded face. I love eyebrows me.

This little kit, made me put down a beloved eyebrow pencil, that is only now picked up when I have to wear it for work. The waxy cream is smooth and creates sharp perfected lines. The powder helps set the waxy/cream and gives a full look to the brows. I sometimes use both or just the powder, both work great on their own. Even the brushes, usually something I'd throw straight in the bin are pretty damn good. A little faffy due to the tiny size of them, but do their job just fine. There's even a little set of tweezers to banish pesky strays. I use the light kit, perfect for a medium blonde to brown hair, you'd have to be very light handed of you were very fair and didn't want your brows too dark.

Overall 10/10 for this little beauty. It's really impressed me and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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