Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sleek brow kit

Not gonna lie, I've not posted for almost a century. However, my constant love for this product has urged me to spill my thoughts to you lot.

I believe in good brows, I'd rather walk out the house with a good set of brows than mascara. A brow (well two brows) can do so much for the face, they give structure around the eye, they give definition to the face over all and they can soften a sharp face or give angles to a rounded face. I love eyebrows me.

This little kit, made me put down a beloved eyebrow pencil, that is only now picked up when I have to wear it for work. The waxy cream is smooth and creates sharp perfected lines. The powder helps set the waxy/cream and gives a full look to the brows. I sometimes use both or just the powder, both work great on their own. Even the brushes, usually something I'd throw straight in the bin are pretty damn good. A little faffy due to the tiny size of them, but do their job just fine. There's even a little set of tweezers to banish pesky strays. I use the light kit, perfect for a medium blonde to brown hair, you'd have to be very light handed of you were very fair and didn't want your brows too dark.

Overall 10/10 for this little beauty. It's really impressed me and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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Chloe... said...

Ooooh think I might have to purchase this! My eyebrows are so pale I need all the help I can get, and most eyebrow pencils seem to turn my brows a bit ginger! Not good. Definitely buying this asap!

Chloe x

ScatterrBrained said...

I really need to get this! My brows are a mess atm! Keep posting, love your blog!:)

Rebecca x

MrAJBx3 said...

I have to agree love it so much! <3


kelly marie said...

I love this so much!

LydiaJaneHann said...

Been looking for a brow kit, going to have a look for this one! x