Friday, August 21, 2009

The Body Shop Event

Look at us all!! Ahh there was so many of us, I think next time we should do some sort of speed dating set up so we all get to chat to each other! I had such a good day, the event, the venue & the people were amazing. I really wish I had a compact camera to take pictures of the day, because my SLR would have been a right hassle. You'll see photo's on other blogs anyway!

There was Champagne, there was cute finger foods, champagne, chocolates, incredible art pieces & more champagne. I felt like I was in a surrealist world the whole time, it was such a crazy venue (Sketch) which totally made the event one to remember. It was amazing & I just want to say thank you so much to The body Shop & the girls at Headstream!

We were introduced further into the brand, & to some of the new makeup products, which Chase demoed for us. Then my favorite part of the event where they told us all about the new fragrance Love etc. It's a gorgeous scent with a great inspirational background. We got to smell the perfume in sections, it's top notes, heart notes & base notes, which was incredibly interesting & made me appreciate the scent more. You can find out more about the fragrance at has a real feel good story & meaning behind the perfume & I really enjoyed finding out about it all.

We were spoiled with so many goodies which I'm sure you will have seen pictures of in other blogs. I'll be testing these out, reviewing & also giving you the chance to win some of the products! Also, there's a 10% off code you can all use when ordering from the Autumn Trends Collection, which is fab because the new products are gorgeous!


Valid from today until 28th September 2009

& finally, I met Daisy (Cupcakes & Cherries)!! I was so excited to finally meet her, obviously I was excited to see everyone else, but I've known Daisy for years so it was all very fun =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Project beautiful skin: Chlorella

So to start project beautiful skin I started to take Chlorella. I haven't tried anything else as I wanted to see the full affects of one thing, the only other thing I've changed is my face wash as I've stopped using the Garnier Pure active range. Nor have I changed my makeup routine, actually lately I've probably been wearing more. So I know the changes in my skin are purely from the Chlorella. This is likely to be a long post, but if you're interested in improving your skin & finding out the other benefits of this product then definitely read on.

My experiences

I've been to the doctors about my skin, they've tried me on Dianette & an antibiotic, neither of which worked, I've tried multiple 'amazing' skincare products..again none have worked. I've also taken multiple vitamins & supplements, none of which worked very well/quickly. So I thought to stop using multiple external treatments & unnatural medications & turn to something that is completely natural, something that has helped me with skin problems when I was younger. My dad has harped on at me for ages to take Chlorella again (I used to take it for my eczema when I was younger) & I never really listened, I wanted to try other things first. Finally I took his advice & I now take 6 tablets a day in the evening. I started using it 2 weeks ago & within a week I saw instant improvements. Usually I don't go a day without a couple new spots appearing & when I was using the Pure Active range I'd experience clusters of spots, really bad ones at that, but while taking this blemishes have massively reduced. I still have spots and the marks from previous blemishes, but it's only been two weeks & most full effects usually take up to a month or two. Instead of wearing a full face of studio fix fluid, concealer, more sff & powder, I am now able to wear a bit of concealer, MAC moisture tint & a bit of powder & my skin is looking flawless with a sheer/medium coverage.

What is Chlorella & it's benefits?

Chlorella is a microscopic plant that grows in fresh water, it's a single celled algae. It has apparently been in existence for two-billion years. It contains a massive array of nutritional element: vitamins ( all known B vitamins including B12, C & E), macrominerals, trace minerals, essensial fatty acids, protein, nucleic acids (RNA & DNA), chlorophll & a vast spectrum of phytochemicals. Chlorella isn't a suppliment or a vitamin it's a pure food. It's a great detoxer as it is able to bind to the toxins in your body & pulls them from your bloodstream. It will purify your blood & cleanse your organs. You can even feed Chlorella to your pets, our cats love it & it makes their fur beautiful!

Some benefits of Chlorella:
  • boost your immune system
  • detoxifying
  • improve your digestive system, help overcome bad breath, constipation
  • reduce cholesterol
  • protecting your liver
  • help with kidney problems
  • improve skin conditions (e.g acne & eczema)
  • balance blood sugar
These are only a few benefits, if you go to you can learn a lot more about this pure food. In my opinion it is not known about enough & after researching more about it, the reason for this is because the FDA do not permit companies that sell Chlorella to publicise the true benefits of it as the benefits would be seen as 'medical claims'. Another thing along side the dismissal of tea tree for MRSA that annoys me about health organisations.

We currently have Optimum source Chlorella but there are many other companies that sell it.

If you want to find out more about Chlorella I've added some useful links that go through the whole ins & outs of it. I highly recommend it if you suffer from skin problems & really for anyone to take it due to the great benefits of it.

Useful links that go into more detail:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mandizzle hair pieces

I'm loving flower head bands at the moment. Only problem is I can't find anything in the shops that fits my tastes, but the hair pieces at Mandizzle are stunning. I posted a while back on twitter about them & ever since then I've been obsessing over these beautiful creations created by an equally beautiful girl.

Here are some I'm loving & lemming for, if I could I'd have them all! I'm hoping to get my credit card soon so I can buy one for Leeds fest!