Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lily Loves Lola purchases

I came home today to my Lily loves Lola order. Victoria has just recently launched her own shop of chunky knitwear & sweet friendship bracelets. I usually look at a shop & save it for possible later purchasing but with it being £1.75 for a bracelet I couldn't help myself & bought a few things. I really love these, not only are they ridiculously good value but they'd be nice little somethings to add to gifts. I love a collection of bracelets so these aren't going to any of my friends at the minute, but that could be another future cheeky purchase, the scarfs look amazing too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lights Out, Words Gone

My tattoo seems to have almost fully healed, it's still a little tender, but then when my skin has been scratched to death with a needle I think it's safe to say it will remain a little sensitive for a while. The pain was bearable, which was surprising as I was completely bricking it hours before I went to get it done. Must just be dead hard, of course. I had drawn up my own design but upon sorting positioning & all that shizz, Ian (tattooist) at Inkslingers drew it up freehand anyway. After hours & hours looking for feathers I liked the look of, I was quite surprised how easily I handed over my arm for him to just draw away permanently into my skin. I'm a dreaded decision maker & complete control freak for perfection, but all senses must have been lost when I let him do his own thing, that or I felt at complete ease & trusted him. I think it's the later to be honest, if you're in the Newcastle area I'd definitely recommend him, he was sound & his personal work is top notch!

I had a 'meeting' with uni yesterday, they called it a meeting, I was calling it a meeting, but upon arriving it was very much an interview. A bloody awful interview. I was expecting a one on one friendly chat about why I wanted to change course, a little about myself & showing a few bits & bobs of my work. However, I was greeted by two tutors, a lot of questions & judging looks. Meeting my arse. Nerves hit & words failed me, answers to their questions made no sense & generally sounded like gibberish. They queried how I'd feel about a lot of written work, now this doesn't scare me, I was an English freak at school, but no doubt they felt the need to ask the question when within the first 5 minutes the words 'oh what's that word, I can't remember it but it's.....oh, err' came out of my sodding mouth. I was supposed to get an email yesterday, I didn't, hopefully they just forgot, but I did get one today asking for proof of my qualifications to be emailed through to process my application, so I hope that's good news & I didn't come across like a complete tit.