Monday, March 28, 2011

Model for the day

Lauren and I have been wanting to collaborate for some time now, she's an incredible photographer, a true inspiration to me so working with her has been at the top of my list. Lauren wants to update her portfolio & I need to start mine as a make-up artist. This is where you come in!

(extracted from Lauren's blog)
We're looking for models. We already have a few people in mind and have already or will be contacting them in due course, but we're looking for interest from you gorgeous ladies.

Basically we're looking to shoot in a studio for a day at the beginning of July, please bear in mind the following:

1. It'll be a weekday. Probably Monday 4th July/Tuesday 5th. Dates are negotiable but due to Vicky's work it'll more than likely have to be a weekday.
2. We're currently thinking Leeds as a location, or around those parts. Nice and central (ish, with Vicky and me living at opposite ends of the country).
3. We don't care about size. It doesn't matter. It's all about your whole look.
4. Please don't think this is a popularity contest. Even if we don't choose you this time, I/we will more than likely want to work with you on future projects. This isn't a competition by any means.
5. We will pay for studio hire.
6. We're looking for around 4 females.

Please send me an email on dearlauren @ with some photographs (one face shot with preferably little make up, and a full clothed body shot) and a link to your blog (optional).
I'll forward these on to Vicky and we will contact everyone back and let them know by the end of April. If you don't want to model, and are a fashion student wanting to have your collection photographed, or have a friend that you think would be suitable, or anything like that then please email!
As aforementioned, even if we don't choose you this time, we will more than likely use you for our own future projects so there is definitely no harm in sending over an email.

We look forward to hearing from you. :)

Vic & Lauren.

Illamasqua Toxic Nature


00. Any company that sends me literature designed so beautifully, and so image heavy that my eyes never tire is an instant favourite. I've always loved Illamasqua, but this has topped my admiration over the edge to possible obsession. I literally cannot stop looking at these images, yes the makeup might be far from being consumer friendly, but aren't we a little bored of that anyway, who walks past a Bobbi Brown poster and takes a second look with awe? I've seen a few negative comments on the visuals because of that, but you cannot deny the incredible makeup artistry & personally I'd rather see this as a visual than a smokey eye. This baby is going in my inspiration folder, I love you Alex Box, you genius.

01. I was generously sent two of the cream pigments & a nail varnish from Hayley & Alex. I was unable to attend the event so it was a nice surprise coming home to this package that has everything, even the address label imprinted with the beauty of Illamasqua. I've given it a week or two to try out the products, I don't want to just jump in there, so you know I've tried & tested these products well.

02. Nail Varnish in Stagnate. Stagnate is a grey mauve, not a colour I would allocate to the S/S11 trends, but a colour I cannot get enough of. The purple undertone gives it that colourful edge, it's far from being a dull grey. Everything chips on my nails, they're very flexible therefore nothing lasts long, but on my strongest nails this varnish held up well & I'm really considering getting some falsies so I can wear this colour for longer & falsies are not my style! That is love people. The varnish goes on beautifully, no clogging, high shine, top notch stuff.

03. Cream pigments in Emerge and Delirium. Honestly, what better colours could I ask for? Peach & a taupe, very good against blue eyes. I've had a problem with creasing with Emerge, but no one else has, so it's very likely to be just me with the problem. Despite the initial creasing, I still pursued, I really loved the buildability and ease of blending with these pigments. Over the top of a MAC paint pot they last hours, with a bit of a base they're crease free & I don't seem to have a problem with Delirium creasing at all, so it's possibly been the lavish application of Emerge that was giving me a problem, you can't blame me though, the colour is so beautiful built up to the max.

04. Not from this collection, but my top favourite product for S/S11 from Illamasqua is the Gleam Cream. If you want something to give incredibly beautiful luminosity to the skin you need this. I think I rave on twitter about it at least once a week.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sporadic summary

1. This week has quite possibly been one of the worst weeks ever. Firstly my cat has gone missing, on Monday I visited the rescue center, called the local council & vets, but nothing. As if that wasn't upsetting enough on Monday night when driving to my boyfriends house I was mistaken for someone else & forced into a road accident, faced with a man holding a metal baton & left traumatised when the man realised I wasn't who he was looking for & he drove off pretty damn fast. I've had everyday off work since drugged up on Valium due to my neck and back pain, which is at times unbearable, not to mention the emotional trauma. Thankfully, I have my parents dealing with the useless police, my insurance company have been speedy & helpful in my claim & my boyfriend who has looked after me since it happened is absolutely amazing.

On the plus side of Monday I made cupcakes with the most amazing white chocolate mouth melting buttercream icing. Recipe here. I also concurred my fear of bearing all & went swimming, which I can't wait to do again once my back & neck feels better. Overall, Monday was quite eventful. My days are never usually filled with so much activity or drama.

2. Just to put another positive into this somewhat depressing post, I managed to get Leeds Festival tickets this morning. I really cannot wait.

3. I'm trying to decide what to do with my blog. I want to keep it up, but it's hard to get the time & I want it to be structured. I'll come up with something.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sporadic summary

LFW was immense, I don't want to delve into it too much, I'm still unaware of what I can divulge, after all it was a (crazy amazing) business trip & I need to be professional. Maybe one day I'll ask one of the PR girls what I can write about, given that I keep up a regular post as it's proven slightly hard to get time to blog.
Anyway, it was an incredible week. I got to see a show, eat Ladurée macaroons for the first time, speak to some very interesting people & see some lovely bloggers, some I'd met before & some I hadn't. Getting to LFW was an aim I set a year and a half ago so I'm quite proud that I got to the first stage all ready.


1. I'm gradually trying to improve things in my life, I feel rancid lately. Sick of lie ins, eating crap, not doing enough (any) exercise. So I'm going to try to..

2. Set my alarm early to make the most of my time, I hate living my days just going to work & nothing else. Productivity people!

3. Eat better. I'm starting to feel really sickly at night & I have a feeling it's to do with what I'm eating. I did a quick shop earlier tonight, my basket was full of fruit, salad, flatbread, homous & cous cous for my breakfasts & lunches.

4. Tonight I finally got myself out for a run, I can't get used to breathing & I'm not a natural runner but god help me I'll keep trying. I've also been using my pole (all for fitness guys, I'm not planning on taking up a second job in a mens club) & hell can I feel it! Pain is gain, pain is gain!

5. I need to dust off my DSLR & start carrying it around with me again. I miss real photographs, iphones are great but a real, crisp photograph with depth is where it's at!