Monday, March 28, 2011

Illamasqua Toxic Nature


00. Any company that sends me literature designed so beautifully, and so image heavy that my eyes never tire is an instant favourite. I've always loved Illamasqua, but this has topped my admiration over the edge to possible obsession. I literally cannot stop looking at these images, yes the makeup might be far from being consumer friendly, but aren't we a little bored of that anyway, who walks past a Bobbi Brown poster and takes a second look with awe? I've seen a few negative comments on the visuals because of that, but you cannot deny the incredible makeup artistry & personally I'd rather see this as a visual than a smokey eye. This baby is going in my inspiration folder, I love you Alex Box, you genius.

01. I was generously sent two of the cream pigments & a nail varnish from Hayley & Alex. I was unable to attend the event so it was a nice surprise coming home to this package that has everything, even the address label imprinted with the beauty of Illamasqua. I've given it a week or two to try out the products, I don't want to just jump in there, so you know I've tried & tested these products well.

02. Nail Varnish in Stagnate. Stagnate is a grey mauve, not a colour I would allocate to the S/S11 trends, but a colour I cannot get enough of. The purple undertone gives it that colourful edge, it's far from being a dull grey. Everything chips on my nails, they're very flexible therefore nothing lasts long, but on my strongest nails this varnish held up well & I'm really considering getting some falsies so I can wear this colour for longer & falsies are not my style! That is love people. The varnish goes on beautifully, no clogging, high shine, top notch stuff.

03. Cream pigments in Emerge and Delirium. Honestly, what better colours could I ask for? Peach & a taupe, very good against blue eyes. I've had a problem with creasing with Emerge, but no one else has, so it's very likely to be just me with the problem. Despite the initial creasing, I still pursued, I really loved the buildability and ease of blending with these pigments. Over the top of a MAC paint pot they last hours, with a bit of a base they're crease free & I don't seem to have a problem with Delirium creasing at all, so it's possibly been the lavish application of Emerge that was giving me a problem, you can't blame me though, the colour is so beautiful built up to the max.

04. Not from this collection, but my top favourite product for S/S11 from Illamasqua is the Gleam Cream. If you want something to give incredibly beautiful luminosity to the skin you need this. I think I rave on twitter about it at least once a week.

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Anna said...

Your makeup looks amazing, so clean and natural! I love it!

Prettyinthedesert said...

That polish is sooo pretty!!

Lydia said...

Vicky, you look amazing! Your skin looks like perfection!

Miss Lucy said...

You so pretty chica! As Lydia said, skin looks like perfection x

kate louise. said...

Oh wow, your skin is just flawless. So beautiful. :) x x

Devea said...

You look so pretty, your skin is amazing! xo

Eloise said...

Your skin looks flawless! All jealous especially as I've seen it just after writing a post about how blotchy and gross my own skin is : /


Peachykeen said...

thanks for the comments guys, it's totes the camera though & my pale skin reflecting the flash right back!

Becky-May said...

You're beautiful! Lovely blog you have here! I love your pictures

The Flower Girl

jessikavalentine said...

Those photos are stunning!

Lauren said...

Ahh you look gorgeous as always! I love the pictures, well done Ilamasqua! We could totes do so much better though. :) x

Cherry Pullinger said...

I love the designs in the book, gorgeous!

Maria said...

You look gorgeous, I'm jealous of how flawless your skin is though! That nail varnish is such a pretty colour too :) I would love to try Ilamasqua but have never seen anywhere that sells it by me :)

Maria xxx

peachykeen said...

Love your ring!

Peggy (Margaret) said...

Such a lovely make-up look, perfect for spring!!!

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XOXO Peggy