Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sporadic summary

LFW was immense, I don't want to delve into it too much, I'm still unaware of what I can divulge, after all it was a (crazy amazing) business trip & I need to be professional. Maybe one day I'll ask one of the PR girls what I can write about, given that I keep up a regular post as it's proven slightly hard to get time to blog.
Anyway, it was an incredible week. I got to see a show, eat Ladurée macaroons for the first time, speak to some very interesting people & see some lovely bloggers, some I'd met before & some I hadn't. Getting to LFW was an aim I set a year and a half ago so I'm quite proud that I got to the first stage all ready.


1. I'm gradually trying to improve things in my life, I feel rancid lately. Sick of lie ins, eating crap, not doing enough (any) exercise. So I'm going to try to..

2. Set my alarm early to make the most of my time, I hate living my days just going to work & nothing else. Productivity people!

3. Eat better. I'm starting to feel really sickly at night & I have a feeling it's to do with what I'm eating. I did a quick shop earlier tonight, my basket was full of fruit, salad, flatbread, homous & cous cous for my breakfasts & lunches.

4. Tonight I finally got myself out for a run, I can't get used to breathing & I'm not a natural runner but god help me I'll keep trying. I've also been using my pole (all for fitness guys, I'm not planning on taking up a second job in a mens club) & hell can I feel it! Pain is gain, pain is gain!

5. I need to dust off my DSLR & start carrying it around with me again. I miss real photographs, iphones are great but a real, crisp photograph with depth is where it's at!


Cat said...

pole dance for me ;) x

Peachykeen said...

Cat, name the date & time baby ;) x

Phoebe said...

All the LFW posts I've seen are making me want to go so bad, looks amazing! And the five things list is exactly what I need to sort out atm :) x

ellieand said...

Well I think these iphone pics are lovely, but mahoosive cameras are definitely where it's at! I'm longing to buy one now, saving up the pennies!

Good luck with the healthy eating and fitness thing, your basket of food sounds yummy! x

Blogger said...

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