Monday, February 14, 2011

Monthly summary

Some bloggers do a Monday Summary...I might as well do a quarterly one at this rate. Excuses on that to come. Firstly, Happy Valentines day, whether you're a being a sickly couple or a sexy independent I hope you're having a lovely day, after all the sun has come to shine & that can make anyone smile.

I'm not so much being a sickly couple, I'm totally too cool for that...ha! In fact I stood at the card isle wanting to chuck up at some of the cards, I felt rather exposed & awkward standing there in amongst all the pink & red gooey mush written on some of them. However, I am in fact in love so I bought one & have a little surprise hidden inside of the card which will hopefully make him smile. I am a bit of a sucker for surprises & some romantic gestures really. I was woken up with breakfast in bed before he got ready for work, which was very lovely & romantic, is there a mushy meal to follow tonight? Nooo, don't be silly, we're going out in Newcastle, drunken times to come, I'm very excited!


1. I finally got an iPhone. Yes I have apparently switched to the darkside, sorry bbm bezzies! I'm loving it, so many things to do on it, it's very me. I've become obsessed with instagram, I'm, starting to feel quite sorry for my DSLR. Should really be using that amazing lens I got for Christmas. Should memo this on iPhone.

2. This week I am off to the capital, Landan to have a jolly good time, pip pip. Well fingers crossed I'll be having a good time, no doubt I will, but I'll be working LFW. Hell yess!! Hard work, but damn an amazing opportunity. I feel very honored to have been chosen since this is my first year for events & my first ever event! One whole week there, I may start classing myself as a Londoner. If you're in the press I may just see you there!

3. I'm so happy right now in my relationship. I don't want to write too much on here, but it's crazy how happy & different I feel this time. No arguments, I smile & laugh every day, we can go out together on a night, get drunk together & have the best night ever, it's crazy amazing. Totally worth the wait.

4. I'm getting hair extensions today. Well I plan on ordering them today, I want long luxurious hair for LFW.

5. I'm off work (well from the actual place of work, not including London) for roughly two and a half weeks. A holiday I've been waiting months for! Relaxation time to come.