Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog change

You might have noticed if you've gone to that it no longer works. Reason for this is due to my pure stupidity of forgetting to renew it, I'd had emails reminding me, but when it passed the date of expiry & the domain still worked I assumed it'd automatically renewed. It hadn't, oops. I've wanted to change names for a long time now anyway, so here it is... 25-36.
I probably will lose some readers if they're unaware of this change, it's inevitable, but if you have any links on your blog I'd really appreciate it if you could update them to my new url & even maybe spread the word on twitter as my tweets could always miss some readers. Hopefully blogging will be more regular & a variety of posts. Change is good, hope so anyway!

1 comment:

AspirationsOfGlam said...

Im new to your blog. Your pictures are so beautiful and crisp and I really like your style of writing. *subscribes**