Friday, April 1, 2011

Baggu bags

Baggu bags, heard of them? I hadn't, despite some of their coverage being in Elle, Nylon and one of my favourite design blogs Design Sponge, I'd never heard or see them before. But I am definitely loving them now.

As a (ex/limbo) design student I'm drawn to these, the stunning colours, the simplicity of a great idea & of course the reason behind the bags. Want to know a little more about the ideas and people behing these? Watch this video.

If I knew about these when I was in uni it'd have saved me many an awkward trip carrying multiple books and A3 sketchbooks. I'd also have never forgotten these going shopping like I did multiple times with my massive tesco reusable bags. They come in little pockets, the material is made from the material loss when cutting out the neck of the bag, very economic & means you can just chuck these in your bag & not look like some loony bag lady with a mass pile of other reusable bags.

After researching these a little more, I actually want every type. Baggu for shopping, Baby Baggu for my lunch bag, Big Baggu for laundry, Duck Baggu for my laptop, books etc, you get the picture. I'd have a Baggu family.

Something I'm definitely considering for my Leeds Festival experience this year are these zipper bags. It'll easily compress my belongings, keep clean clothes away from the mud-ridden-dirty & the smaller ones would be amazing for little bits and bobs like the necessary skincare pieces, camera and I would say makeup, but who are we kidding, I'd definitely need the bigger zipper for that.

I love these things, very simple & practical but vibrant, my only problem is the shipping on the main website to the UK, $15, ouch. So instead.... Find Your Favorite Baggu Bag today, available now at SteadyGuy.


Eloise said...

The red stripey one = Love!

P! said...

Wow! I love this striped bag