Friday, June 10, 2011

Phil Smith Sea Salt Spray

Over the past few years sea salt spray seems to have become a cult product & what was once a hard to find product (unless you wanted to splash out on Bumble & Bumble) is now finding it's way in to many hair brand ranges. I remember a couple of years ago finding a Lee Stafford one, it wasn't expensive & the only one I could find in Boots. It was pants, instructions read "spray 50 times" 50 times? Not only could I not be bothered with that the results were sticky & horrible. So I decided to get the Label M when at my hairdressers, loved it, it got up my nose when I sprayed it but it gave great texture & volume, it's roughly £11, so not greatly expensive but still on the higher price scale.

I then tried the Phil Smith sea salt spray, it's £3.99, it smells like coconut & seems to give a slightly more tousled effect than the Label M version. Sea salt sprays tend to have a refreshing scent, it wakes me up a little more, but the Phil Smith scent has to be my favourite, not only does it give an effect of fresh air but it has that coconut infusion that smells amazing. I tend to spray this when my hair is damp & let it dry naturally, effortless & looks great, perfect for me as I'm not big on fussing over my hair. I didn't find this drying which I was slightly surprised at as my hair sometimes feels like straw, this must be due to the Pro-Vitamin B5 in the product that helps keep my hair a little smoother than the other sprays. For £3.99 I can't fault it, I've nearly finished the bottle! It's available in Sainsbury's & online at KMI club. Definitely a product to just slip into your shopping basket & give a try.

This product was sent for me to review, however, this does not affect my opinion & I will only give my honest thoughts.


Sarah said...

I love sea salt sprays! xx

Anonymous said...

I have never tried salt sprays.... i already have dry hair so am nervous if it would make it worse.

might get this and give it a little go since its not expensive xox

Thanks for the review x

InesT said...

I need to try that product!
Thank you for sharing :)

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Dollyfaces said...

I really wanted to try the Gosh sea salt spray but cant find it anywhere - gunna have to give this one a go! x said...

I completely agree with you about the Lee Stafford spray- I was thinking 'what the' when I read spray 50 times! Also, I hate how it left my hair so I may give this Phil Smith spray a whirl :)