Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sudocrem tube

In my adult life I've not used sudocrem as a staple, but I'm not going to lie, I have been caught with it dotted on my face during my years at uni, but I was never an avid user. This could be due to the massive, slightly less travel sized pot we have at home. But since being sent samples of the tube I've carried one with me when staying over & one by my bedside at home & have definitely come to realise the benefits of this cream.

I suffer from eczema, it's especially worse in the summer due to the heat, so putting a light layer of Sudocrem on my skin before bed has eased the itch & saved my legs being mauled by my scratching in my sleep. It also helped sooth my underarms when I had the bright idea to veet them, not the best thing I've done, it burned my skin & hurt for days, Sudocrem soothed it really well. I don't believe the Cheryl Cole claims that it'll get rid of a spot over night, but I do believe it helps soothe & protect skin really well. & for such a low price for a handy tube that you can take anywhere with you, it's definitely one of my must haves now.

Sudocrem also have this bagology app on facebook that determines your personality & traits from your bag, not sure how accurate it is but if you're intrigued & want to have a go head over to


Computergirl said...

I love sudocrem! Great on my spots. Treats them but doesnt dry my skin out!

You have listed so many uses! Thanks for sharing! x

Bethany said...

I saw this advertised in the Glamour magazine and I've been searching for it everywhere in the tube but I can't find it. Have a wonderful week!

nicolacc2008 said...

I do like sudocreme for spots. good for my sensitive skin.. I'm not too keen on the smell though.. does this one smell the same? x

Rachel said...

I love Sudocrem - I have a huge tub of it in my bathroom at all times!

Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

Anonymous said...

Sounds good!
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musicndaydreams said...

I've just rediscovered Sudocrem - it is amazing! I go to bed most nights with little patches of Sudocrem all on my face now haha & if my spots aren't totally gone by morning then they're significantly reduced :D

Wonder stuff!!

Lois xx

itsallpeachykeen said...

@bethany hope you manage to find it somewhere! Maybe try the travel sized section in boots?

@ nicolacc2008 it smells exactly the same I'm afraid! :/

xx said...

I suffer from eczema so thank you for this, I'm going to have to try it!