Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fresh skin FOTD

I recently posted on twitter that I was able to just get away with MAC Face and body & a bit of powder. Coming from having to cover my skin with layers of fuller coverage foundations a few months ago to being able to just use Face and Body, a really light foundation is something that's made me really happy & relieved. I will soon be doing a skincare post as it's been requested quite a lot & I'd like to share my finds. Anyway, on to the FOTD!



MAC Prep + Prime SPF50
MAC Face and Body C2 mixed with C5
MAC Mineralize skin finish - medium


MAC Tisueweight e/s
MAC Bamboo e/s
YABY es035 - rose wood (M) e/s
YABY brow shadow
Diorshow blackout mascara


MAC Lazy day l/s

tissueweight, bamboo, rose wood & lazy day underneath.


Milly said...

Really gorgeous. Very fresh faced, and your skin does look flawless indeedy! xx

Stolen Thunder said...

You look gorgeous! You skin is perfect!

Love the way you should us the make up you were using first!


Lydia said...

You look flawless :) xxx

MacJunkie09 said...

You look gorgous! Im slowly plucking up the courage as its gets warmer to ditch my Studio fix in favour of something lighter! xx

Robyn said...

Your skin looks amazing! I wish I could get away with a sheer foundation..xx

pinkswoon said...

Your skin looks flawless,almost as if you are wearing no foundation at all and just have naturally perfect skin.Looking forward to the skin care post :)

hazeleyes said...

Gorgeous, your skin looks absolutely flawless! I wish my skin could look that great with a light coverage foundation. xXx

Bryden said...

Your skin looks lovely! I'm trying to sort mine out atm. It's improved loads but it's still nowhere near flawless!x

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous :D Absolutely flawless~ xo

♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Very pretty!

Yes, please do a skin care post! I would love to know your 'secret'... ;)

Sarah said...

You look just stunning!!!
You are so gorgeous you can totally get away with minimal makeup ya lucky thing :)

Cheated Hearts said...

Gorgeous :) x

Peachykeen said...

Thank you for all your yummy comments gorgeous girls!

@MacJunkie09 definitely change for something lighter during the summer. It feels so much nicer when it's hot & humid outside.

@robyn I bet you could! If i can anyone can really. I have a lot of pigmentation & scarring. A sheer foundation & a bit of concealer will do the trick for anyone, you look like you have gorgeous skin anyway!

@bryden with all that cetaphil I bet it'll be amazing very soon!


Anonymous said...

Lovely :) can I ask you hun, do the mineralize skin finish natural leave a matte or a dewy finish? I want a powder to fix my foundation that wont leave me looking too matte as I have dry skin, what do you think?x