Friday, May 7, 2010

TOPSHOP makeup


So everyone has been talking about it in the beauty community, at first I wasn't too interested but curiosity got the better of me. I swear I should have been a cat. My local Topshop stocks the range, so I popped in to have a quick look, ummed and ahhed and then went off to Boots. It must have been the multiple Topshop bags sporting 'Topshop makeup' that made me go back. I love the packaging, very quirky, my kind of style. However, I don't see it lasting very well & staying nice and clean in a makeup bag. I can see the paper cover on the lipstick getting a little tatty. We shall see.




So, this is what I fell for. Desert lipstick, a looovely peachy neutral colour. I'm very much a peach girl so this was a must. It's got a lovely creamy texture, a lot of coverage and a nice sheen/gloss, a little like a cremesheen. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

The next product is an eye crayon in the colour Satchel. It's a gorgeous cool brown with very obvious but beautiful fine gold glitter. They're surprisingly creamy and nice to blend, I was half expecting them to be similar to the Barry M crayons that I feel pull a bit on the skin unless warmed up.

Finally, the liquid liner pen. Hmmmm, I love the fact that this gives a glossy finish, something I've been wanting for years from an eyeliner. However, it moves. You'll see in the final picture that at the end of the day the line isn't as crisp and it definitely transferred to my crease at some point. I'm going to give this another try, but with only a base on my lid and lots of powder on my crease. Another note on this eyeliner, it doesn't like going over product very much, I had to finish off the flick with another liner as the Topshop one needed a rest.

It was more of a smoked line at the end of the day...hmmmm. & I've got end of the day eyebrows, lets ignore that, ey!

Overall, I'm quite impressed and plan to try more products, especially the lipsticks.


Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

Great post, I was thinking about getting the liquid liner but I think I'll leave it for now so thanks for the heads up on that!

Penny Lane said...

Which foundation are you wearing? You're skin looks flawless :]
Gonna go nosey at the topshop make-up now.

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Oh my gosh you have flawless skin!

Fern said...

You look so pretty with the makeup on :) That lipstick is such a gorgeous colour! x

Happy1234 said...

Flawless look :)

Gem said...

Great review! I work at Topshop but haven't got the money to try the makeup at the moment :(
I did play around with the testers of the tinted moisturiser and blusher the other day though (The tinted moisturiser takes a while to sink in so you look rather sweaty, but then it's fine), and the cream blush are very bright colours so it's easy to get the clown look if you go overboard!
I will definitely give that liquid eyeliner a go, just with lots of powder on, as you said.
Loving your blog, missy! xo

Nichola said...

you look stunning in the photos! love how flawless your face looks!! :]!i might have to buy the eyeliner after seeing it looks so pretty!! what camera do you use? i need a camera like that to take amazing photos! xoxo

Tugba said...

I will def. buy the desert lipstick. I think it looks gorgeous :)

Lauren said...

I know this post is about make-up, but I couldn't resist asking about where you got your necklace from? I love it! It looks hand-made?


Terri said...

Hi! Love the post :) I've recently blogged about my Topshop makeup purchases too! I wasn't too keen on it at first... and didn't know what the quality was going to be like. But was suprised! Am loving their blush & their skin tint.


ingrid said...

The packaging is great isn't it! I'll defs be checking the range out :)

Lucy said...

Desert looks so good but I don't get why the swatches online/on the bottom are so much lighter? You look gorgeous xx

Lollipop said...

Your skin looks absolutely gorgeous, so flawless! What foundation are you using?

Also, that crayon is so pretty and very unique looking. I wasn't going to bother with this collection until I saw Holly (YMBB) and Lollipop26 raving about the blushes, and now you looking gorgeous with that crayon. Hmmph, you lot are soooo bad for my bank balance lol xxx

Peachykeen said...

@Laura it's a lovely really black liner but it does move which I really don't like =(

@Penny Lane & @Obsessed.Makeup.Addict
It's just the camera flawing out my skin, samsung! It wasn't a good face day, haha.

@Gem I saw the bright pink cream blusher & thought the girls at my local topshop will be slapping that on. They're avid fans of the bright pink streak, haha. I have a love hate with the liner, it's so black and glossy but I have to keep an eye on it in case of movement!

@Nichola top pictures of products were taken with my nikon d40x & the portrait ones just taken with a cheapy samsung digi, it's hard taking pictures with a dslr (so heavy! haha)

@Lauren necklace is from Love it, I always get comments on it =)

@Terri I was totally like that, thought it'd be tatty and bad quality, but proven wrong!

@Lucy I thought desert was going to be a nude colour the way people were talking about it, but it's definitely a light peachy colour. I hate online makeup swatches!

@Lollipop it's just the camera making my face flawless I'm afraid. But something I have found that makes your skin flaaaaawwwless is MAC select coverup all over (ahem), yes it is concealer but it's beautiful & just like any full coverage foundation =)
My bank balance has suffered so badly the past few days, hehe!


Anonymous said...

You look so good in photos. You're so lucky to be photogenic. Loving the scrabble necklace too

Onna said...

the liner looks gorgeous on you hun!! and I agree omg your skin is amazing!! Jealous! Great post x

Lauren said...

Thanks honeybun


Fashion Satelitte said...

amazing skin! can you tell me which camera do you use?

Brittany said...

Wow, you are BEAUTIFUL! Love your blog. :)

Anita said...

what eyeshadow are you wearing?! Gorgeous!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

ok, i have to buy all of these products now.