Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project manicured nails

I've always had weak nails, they don't snap, they can just be peeled off & bend, almost as thin as paper. As you can tell I wasn't quite blessed with nice strong nails. My cuticles are always dry & I get a lot of those side cuts that sting, ouch! I can paint them with an undercoat & overcoat & the nail varnish will just peel off. So being slightly sick of having to have horrid nails I've decided to give them a full make over. So I popped into Superdrug & bought these to get me on my way.


exhibit A: nails under treatment arrest! They're thin & discoloured (p.s it's not dirt under my nails, it's fake tan!).


exhibit B: nail saviors

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps - it's supposed to 'instantly seal & harden your nails with a breakthrough patented formula which provides a long-lasting surface' - Sounds good!

Ms.Manicure Clip, Snip & Away! - a handy pack of wooden cuticle sticks, a nail clipper, mini 6-way nail buffer & a lovely smelling had cream.

Glenis Baptiste nail polish corrector pen - says it all really! I'm not the best nail painter, specially with my nails, never looks fantastically tidy.

Soon I will have nails as stunning as these Lacquerized. Next on my list is a good cuticle remover, I keep forgetting to look when I'm in Boots! Will let you know how I get on.

To give you something pretty to look at after my disgusting nails, here are some cupcake candles I fell for from Laura Ashley



Victoria said...

Cupcake candles!! I need some of those :) x

Tugba said...

Get the Burts bees cuticle remover. Its really good :D

Peachykeen said...

@victoria gorgeous aren't they! xx

@tugba the lemon butter cuticle cream? that's the only thing I've found, not sure it's the remover. But I hated the smell so don't think I could buy it! =/ xx

Laura xo said...

those cupcake candles are too cute! do they smell like amazing-cupcakeness as well? haha :)
agh i've just given up on my nails =/

Lydia said...

Good luck on your nail mission! I am lucky in that I have long, sturdy nails for the most part. But my nails often go thin and peel in half - I find that if I paint them with nail varnish and leave it on for a few days, they always feel more strong afterwards! xox

Gaby said...

Awww those candles are the cutest!

Good luck with your nail project! If I can give you one advice, it would be to wear nail polish (with a base coat to protect your nails, of course!). Nail polish protects your nails, and it's really this advice that cured my nails (I had the same problem as you before).

EilidhPie said...

I have crap nails too, but I think it's because I bit them from the age of 3 - 18! I've also got natural fault lines in my thumb nails, so they will break after a certain length, no matter what!
Good luck improving your nail health! x

Emma Jane said...

The cupcake candles look amazing - I haven't been to Laura Ashley in months, shall have to go shopping and pop in! x

Emma Jane said...
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Onna said...

my nails grow really long but break of soo easily!! AND OMG those cupcake candles look good enough to eat - yum yum x

pinkswoon said...

Love those cupcake candles?Are they from the metro centre Laura Ashley?If you don`t mind sharing :) can`t find them on the website :(Also I follow your twitter and noticed your tweet about how much your skin has improved.I`d love to be able to wear just face and body and powder!It would be great to see a blog post on how you got it looking so good :)I just came across your blog but I`m loving it x

Peachykeen said...

@pinkswoon yup, they're from the metrocentre one, on one of the middle stands. I was planning on doing a skincare routine post very soon =) xx

pinkswoon said...

Thank you :)I will look out for both the candles and the post x

Chloe... said...

Haha, I gave my friend one of those cupcake candles once. I think the one I gave her was a bit too realistic though, I found out a few days afterwards she'd taken a bite out of it. Don't think I'll be buying her another one!

Chloe x