Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last time hauling

Until I got my parcel & opened it I didn't realise the sheer massiveness of it. Slightly scared me & felt sorry for my bank balance for a moment. So I think I'm going to chill it for now, do a few posts on a the 300 things I've already bought & enjoy them. I still have one excitement to come, a parcel from BeautyBay.com, that will be my last... for now anyway!


I'm currently telling myself a lot of this will go into my kit. Ahem. A little Jo Malone eye cream in there for good measure too.


While in Boots I walked past the Sexy & the City stand & took a double step back. I picked up Samantha's, I think they're probably the best. I'm not a fan of gems on lashes & love a bit of flirty thickness.


Nothing excited here, but after the recommendation from Nicolavc86 I hope this will aid me in my project to get my nails beautiful.

What are your most recent haulings?


Emma Jane said...

Oh my goodness - getting that MAC parcel would be heaven! Jealous is an understatement! xx

laurenrhiannon said...

I agree, thats a kerazzyy amount! Lucky thing, wish I had the guts to buy that much at once, but my bank would definitely not forgive in a hurry! x

Lydia said...

Wow that is a haul of plenty missy!! Lots of goodies to play with :)
My most recent hauling was 2 Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess liquid eyeshadows - I told myself they'd be useful for holidays! Haha xxx

Holly said...

Whoa! How much did the Mac parcel cost? I feel bad just buying a lippie, ha ha.

Jennifer Rosellen said...

I DREAD to think how much that cost. My last little package came to £75....!xxxxxxx

Lucy said...

Oh my..! I want to play with all of it xxx

Paula said...

OOOOOOOhhhh that looks like a heavenly package hun i would have been like a kid in a candy store ;)

Peachykeen said...

@emma jane - don't be, I feel so guilty! haha xx

@laurenrhiannon I'm too scared to look at my bank balance! haha

@lydia ohh i love the liquid eyeshadows, please tell me you got the blue one, it's BEAUTIFUL!

@Holly & Jennifer not as much as you'd think, but I'll keep that a secret!

@lucy come play =)


♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Haha, that is one SWEET haul!

alriiight duchess said...

the eyelashes are amaaazing.
gotta get me some of those on my next trip to boots!
You got one hell of haul there! x

Laura xx said...

this is ALOT of mac, love it!!

caliowin said...

WOW that is a lot!! Can't wait to find out what you got :)

hazeleyes said...

Omg all that MAC stuff!! Jealous!! xXx

Wendy said...

And I thought that my own MAC hauls were massive. You have succeeded in making my bank account feel happy! :)

rachel said...

Fack woman, you really know how to shop! Love it! haha quite jealous!! xx