Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Decoration inspiration

I've recently moved to my parents home from my university house. My room isn't badly decorated, in fact it's quite nice, but I need a change. I love interior design & cannot wait until I get my own place, I'd be in an indecisive heaven of what textiles, colours & furniture to have. I absolutely adore design. To get inspiration I buy Elle Decoration & flick through many interior design websites, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites. I will only be decorating my bedroom, however, I love to take inspiration from other rooms, after all this is the only room of the house I can fully personalize.

I want white




White that meets colour & wood






Clutter, but organised clutter & decoration




Credits for images to go: &
- two of my favourite places to get inpiration from.


Stephanie said...

You might want to check out as well... it's my favourite interior design blog! xx

Olenka :) said...

organised, chic clutter creates such a homely feel! I like interior design too! xxx

Vicki said...

Love the fresh white with accents of pastel colours! I would love to redecorate my bedroom. :) x

Cat said...

these are all so so lovely! x

Becky said...

Lovely photos, I especially like the first three and the one of the mirrored dressing table.

StyleFrost said...

Love these pics, great inspiration, love white interiors!

xxErinxx said...

I love this look too. I tried to achieve a similar thing in my room, although I had a pretty limited budget and space! I think I just need a few more accessories and I'll be there though :-)
(I recently did a blog post about my room if you want to see it).
You have great taste!

GoldenGlow said...

I'd love to be let loose and decorate my room.. I love the style in your pictures, white, clean and airy, wooden floors, feminime with a bit of a vintage feel! x