Friday, June 25, 2010

Pirate boots & bangles

My parcel came midday yesterday, I ran down the stairs in my dressing gown & flung open the door. I think the delivery man felt a little awkward with my choice of clothing (I wasn't being lazy, just getting ready), I didn't care, I practically swiped the sign for machine off him & hugged my huge box, probably his most enthusiastic customer of the day. So here we go, the unraveling of my presents to myself & a sort of OOTD.










I wore them out yesterday, only to find myself ending up wondering round the Hoppings in Newcastle, thank god the grass was bone dry, I was almost crying! My feet have suffered a little from the structure of the boots, but I forgive my Vivs, they just need a little breaking in. I'm still completely over the moon with my recent purchases!


The Fashion Teller said...

AMAZING booties! I am after the greay pair myself but they are gorge!

Love the bangles too xoxo

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Gorgeous boots & gorgeous bangles hun! Love love them!

You seriously look stunning! The mcqueen & VW ring..ahhhh! can i be you please? haha

Great post my lovely!


Rebecca said...

Yay! I bought these boots too, they arrived just this morning! They are beauuuuutiful!
They feel a little tight over the top of my foot but I suspect they will break in as the suede is so soft!
I love what you have worn with the boots! x

Peachykeen said...

@ fashion teller - I didn't know they came in grey! I really want the leather cream ones, phooor! xx

@dainty dollymix - Aww, thanks babe =) I only have a few good designer pieces, but I do love them. Thanks hun! xx

@Rebecca Ohhh yay!!! Did you get them on the net-a-porter sale? I know what you mean about the tightness, I put my foot in & I was petrified they weren't going to fit. They'll definitely slacken & break in well though =) Enjoy your vivs babe!! xx

hannah said...

those boots are gorgeous! they look much better on you and in your photos than the stock ones on the website. x

Stephanie said...

Love the bangles! Really cute. Also, I have the same Jesus bracelet! hahaha got mine from Amsterdam... xxx

Holly GoLightly said...

love the boots & bangles!! :)
you have such great fashion sense!!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Ooooh gorgeous boots!!
The whole packaging is so exciting as well. =)

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Love the boots they are really cute!

little miss said...

Love everything you've bought, no wonder you couldn't wait for the postie :)

little miss said...

Love everything you've bought, no wonder you couldn't wait for the postie :)

Becky said...

You must have been the best dressed person at the Hoppings! Love the boots.

Gracey said...

Love those boots!
And the bracelets. I'm jealous haha.

Rachael said...

aaah im jelous! you lucky thing...and im also jelous that you went to the hoppings, i really wanna go but no on will come with me! xx

Lucy said...

I can't BELIEVE you went to the Hoppings in those beauties! Aren't you lucky it's dry at the minute?! I kind of want the bangles in my life. Also, I shop vicariously through you xxx

Lane :) said...

those bracelets are so cute. gorgeous!! :D <3

Lauren said...


I've wanted these boots for so so long! I need them in my life. Ahhhhh.

whataboutsummer said...

you have great style!

Peachykeen said...

@Hannah, thank you! I know what you mean, the stock photo isn't attractive, the boots definitely need to slouch! xx

@Stephanie my friend brought it back from Ayia Napa, love them =) xx

@Holly GoLightly aww thanks babe, xx

@Becky haha, it's probably not hard to be the best dressed at the Hoppings! xx

@Rachael I'd never been to the Hoppings before, such a strange place & quite scary on a Friday night! haha. xx

@Lucy Ahh I know, I didn't know we were going, but ended up there for a wander. Thank god there was no mud! Haha, I'm sorry for that =p xx


chiconomy said...

You would have been the belle of the ball at the hoppings!!

Could be worse it could have been the Durham Miners Gala in the rain a la yours truly!


Bury Me In Velvet said...

aaaahhhhhh I LOVE THOSE MARC JACOBS BANGLES. i love everything else too but damn, those bangles are an obsession of mine.