Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hair, hair, beautiful hair

I've come to the point where I am eventually going to have to get my locks cut & sort out these ever growing roots. There comes a time when you crave for something different but dread it at the same time. My hair has been through a lot & I can't get the words from my hairdresser out of my head when she said the bottom of my hair won't take well to more lightening. I've stopped using my frazzling GHDs as much & have embraced the natural curl/frizz, moisturized the hell out of it & hoped it'd get better. But I still dread that when I go to the hairdressers I'm probably going to have to get a fair few inches cut off, eek!

So I'm turning to you guys for a vote/opinion/experiences. Should I go for the chop & get it all cut off to a longish bob, maybe grow it out & use extensions when I want to? Will I regret it!? I'd love to try short hair but I loove having it long. Is there any AMAZING & I mean AMAZING (because I've tried a lot & my hair is naturally thick) treatments out there that would help? I just can't decide!


Lydia said...

I think you would look great with a long bob - they look great both wavy/messy and sleek so you can wear it both ways!

I love all of the Lush hair treatments - I have Retread and H'Suan Wen Hua (which is even said to stimulate hair growth!) and use each one once a week - so basically 2 deep conditioning days a week!


Tabitha Sheridan said...

I'd honestly say go for the chop, it'll feel so much healthier for it and then you can start the process of growing it healthily!

I don't know if you can get to an umberto giannini salon, but they do a great kerastase conditioning treatment, then you could use a hair mask a couple times a week until its better?

Also, take some multivitamins and sea kelp tablets and it should grow in no time xx

Victoria said...

That picture was me on a daily basis battling with my blonde hair!!

If you do go for the chop this is a cute hairdo

You can always use clip ins for special occasions xx

Victoria said...

Link didn't work, I'll try again!


IF said...

I think a long bob would look amazing on you! It would give your hair a new lease of life too :)

MediterraneanX said...

I would say go for the type of bob that Nicola from Girls Aloud has at the's not the usual sleek blunt bob, it's voluminous, messy and so so amazing. If I had thick hair I would definitely try and style it like hers, but sadly my hair says N-O to any volume :( x

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@mediterraneanX I looove nicolas hair! I watched her tanning programme & watched in awe! xx

Vi and Ollie said...

Like most people, I grew up with long, stick-straight hair which I disliked. I longed for voluminous, wavy hair so I fried it with all sorts of chemicals and curlers. My hair was so damaged that I opted for an assymetrical bob, which I loved but after the initial welcome for a change faded away-I couldn't wait to grow out my hair. It's been three years, as glad as I am for the experiment I will never get a bob again.

Is there anyway that you could slowly ease yourself into it?

Clare said...

Try having short hair, I dare you! I recently went from having about 2 feet of long curly hair to now having 2 inches of hair. It's so much fun having short hair now, I don't regret it because it will always grow back!

Experiment with your hair, it's fun!

Love your blog, do feel free to visit mine :)



3ate4 said...

I think you should go for it, get it cut and grow it whilst keeping it the healthiest you can! I did this when I went to the hair dressers about a year back, asked her to take as little as possible off but as much as it really needed and it turned out a lot shorter than I wanted! but i'm glad because I wanted it really long but healthy at the same time and with the help of Kérastase and Sea Kelp tablets (they really have made it grow quicker!) it's much better now :) & you'll probably regret it if you keep growing & then have to have even more off!

Milly said...

hmmm, this is a similar battle I had with my hair about 8 months ago!
I went from boobie length hair (hehe) to a short posh-bob!
I was pleased I did it as like you said, my hair is totally frazzled by GHDs and it gave my hair new life and loveliness!
Just remember, it will always grow again. I now am lusting after long hair again but am just rocking the extensions at the moment!
Follow your gut instinct and dont be scared. I went from long and blonde to short and black and dont regret it one bit!!
Milly x x

Lucy said...

Victoria! Response to your hairdressers q. I tried to DM you on Twitter but you don't follow me so I couldn't! I go to At The Nutshell on Brentwood Avenue, Jesmond. It ain't cheap but a girl called Laura does my highlights and they're fab. I too am getting all the dead crap cut off the bottom of mine. xx

charmed-chick said...

I think if you want to try a longish bob go for it and if you arent too sure of it after get some clip in extensions that way you can rock both looks :)