Monday, February 22, 2010

hair decision & beautiful notebooks

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my tweets asking for pictures/suggestions of shortish hair cuts. ChelseaCollinss linked me to this girl. & I feel in love with her hair, so cute & long enough to have naturally wavy. Success. So tomorrow at 4.15pm I shall be getting my hair cut off, this is terrifying as I've never had my hair shorter than shoulder length & that was 12 years ago! I'm praying it'll look good & I won't come out feeling like a boy with a fat face. Wish me luck!

Newcastle's Eldon Square has a new section that opened last week. It looks beautiful & it's fab having fresh stores to go to, but they've pretty much just moved stores we already had into this new area. However, one of the new, new shops is Paperchase & it is amazing. After Borderes closed down we only had a Paperchase in House of Fraser which isn't the biggest, so a whole store of Paperchase & things I've never seen is fab! I originally went in for cards but came out with this stunning notebook, what I need it for I don't know, but I couldn't not buy it. The sleeve is material & every detail is stitched on to it & for £9 I thought it was worth it. I'm one of those people that needs everything organised otherwise I don't know where to start. So I've bought some page clippers that will section up my notebook so I can use it for multiple things. Hopefully I won't forget all about my plans for this notebook & leave it to the side like I do with every other thing!

back detail

I also bought Diorskin Nude which so far I absolutely love. A review will definitely be on it's way, along with possibly a post about their new mascara that's coming out as I got a generous sample of it.

You may have noticed that my blog has slightly changed. I'm currently trying to redesign it but finding it hard to come up with designs, hopefully will have it complete by the end of the week.


Lucy said...

That girl's hair is gorgeous and you will look fab. Think of how nice it'll be to have no nasty ends left. Photos ASAP! I'm defo making a trip, perhaps next weekend. It's a necessity if there's an actual Paperchase. x

Gaby said...

Wow her hair is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll look good too with this haircut (=

I'm also due for a change. I'd like to try Taylor Momsen's cut ^^

Laura xo said...

her hair is gorgeous!
hope it turns out well :)
such a cute notebook!
ooh, i heard things about Paperchase stealing designs & ideas from people's Etsy shops :/ just thought i'd say something, cause it kinda makes me angry!

Becky said...

I was pleased to see Paperchase too, the new Topshop's better too but it's annoying it's mostly just the same shops!

SELIN said...

LOVE the choice of hair!

Anonymous said...

Her hair so gorgeous ! I recently got all my hair chopped off, I had long long LONG hair and got a short layerish bob, a bit shorter than the girl in the picture :) it looks cute though and really frames my face, so I bet you could pull it off as well :D Don't be scared, and whatever the outcome is just work it ~

BooJenkinson said...

Yey for the new eldon square! It's one of my favirote places to shop i love it! double yay for paperchase, i've not been in one for ages though. I like this post :) x

Victoria said...

Her hair is <3

You will look gorgeous! x

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@lucy I think I need to have a proper look in the shops, especially topshop! Paperchase fab, a total upgrade to HOFs tiny one!

@gaby oh she has cute hair! =)xx

@laura xo I read about that too, it's sad a lot of companies have been caught doing it lately too. xx

@becky I haven't been in topshop yet, I refuse to spend more money, haha! Dying to get in there though. xx

@BooJenkinson the new part is so open & new, makes the old look 100% worse & dingy! xx

Cait said...

That haircut is uber pretty, please post pics after it's done! I always want to cut my hair short but I totally do not have the face shape for a short short cut. I love notebooks and journals and always purchase them even though I have a bajillion at home, haha. The one you got is adorable :o)

Clare said...

Good luck with the hair cut, I'm sure it'll suit you down to the ground, well, shoulder...

I recently have all 3 feet of my hair chopped off and now have about an inch, best hair decision ever!

Come over and say hello sometime :)



Princesa Livia said...

Wow, love her hair!! ♥