Sunday, February 7, 2010

Amazingly soft skin

For the past few days I've changed my skin regime. I was using the Creme de la Mere range, this for me being the cleansing gel, mattifying toner & the gel moisturiser. Now I love the moisturiser & the products are doing a great job, but I left all these at home & had to use what I had up at my university house. After a few days I can't say I'm complaining because I think I've found a great mix of products!


MAC Cleanse Off Oil. It's a really gentle oil that you add a small amount of water to or put onto a damp face, rub it all over your face & it melts your makeup. So when it comes to rinsing it off, your skin will be left lovely & clean but not stripped of it's natural oils. I use a muslin cloth to remove this from my face, I find it helps to get every little bit of makeup off & gives a gentle exfoliation at the same time. Result on it's own is clean, glowing skin.


MAC Mineralize All-over Lotion
. As I said I'd left my skincare at home, so at uni I was left only with a L'Occtaine moisturiser which I find is too heavy for my skin, so I thought to sample the new moisturiser on counter. It's a lightweight moisturiser that's quick to hydrate & sink into your skin. It's formulated with charged water which is great for hydrating & is really gentle as well as being great for your skin due to being packed with minerals.

Care Blends Essensial Oils, Sweet Orange & Lavender. Like the all-over lotion, these have come out with the Warm & Cozy collection, at first the oils weren't going to come to counters but I'm really glad they did! Lavender is great for healing & soothing, blended with the orange it's great for calming as well as energizing. I put a couple of drops of this into the moisturiser and really work it into my skin. After using cleanse off oil & the combination of the moisturiser & the oil my skin looked really radiant. I've got oily skin & probably would never have thought of this if I hadn't had horrid dry spots (which have now completely gone), but it hasn't made my skin any oilier, if anything it's tamed any oiliness! I was sat watching tv & realised how much my skin has really smoothed out & feels so much softer, so I thought to inform you all of my recent findings!! I'm actually gutted now that I've come home & left my cleanse off oil at uni!

note: not advisable to use if pregnant due to the essential oils.


Amy Marie said...

Hi there, I'm new to your blog, a friend of mine says she swears by your beauty updates and I can see why!

I'm in the middle of changing my skin routine as it's gone completely to pot with the cold weather and I really wanted to try the Warm and Cozy range but there was no good reviews online! I have some really dry spots so I'm going to give the care blends oil a try when I go into town tomorrow. Thank you again

Amy Marie //

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@amy marie hi!!! thanks for your comment hun =) really made me smile!
I think it's a really good routine for horrible winter skin, gives you back that summer glow! =)

Dreams That Glitter said...

Ahhh really wish I got the oils now. Great tips lovely :)

Suze said...

Sigh, as usual you're making me want to spend money I don't have! Hah.

Lucy said...

Ooooh the oil sounds good.. MAC here I come x

Nicole said...

i have added and deleted the cleanse off oil from my shopping cart for a while, but i think ill purchase this now :)