Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying shower gel

I've been meaning to do a review on this for a while now, but always forgot! This stuff is amazing!

What it is:
Clean on me is a 'creamy clarifying shower gel' that contains 'natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion'. It claims that you can 'have it all... soft, smooth sexy skin whenever you want it'.

What you get for your money:
For a 500ml bottle you will pay £5 in boots, but it is currently on offer for £3.33, fantastic value! You can also pick up a great 75ml travel size bottle for £1.50.

What I think:
I can't praise this enough & after using it I really don't want to buy any other shower gel, I think it's that amazing. I didn't actually buy this, my mum did & I'm really glad she did, otherwise I probably would never have thought of buying it myself.
It has the Soap & Glory smell that is divine & is loved by many; refreshing, sweet & not too over-powering. I use this with a shower puff & fully recommend anyone to use one too, as you'll get more out of this product. I only use one to two pumps for the whole of my body, you need no more, I promise you. With one to two pumps it will lather the whole body puff & you'll still have some left after covering your body in this gorgeous shower gel. When applying it, it feels silky smooth & probably feels like the best shower gel/wash I have ever used. It feels luxurious. I feel like I sound like I'm being paid or something to sell this product, I am not, I just love it that much! My skin after wards feels silky smooth due to the built-in body lotion, so great for those of us that don't always have time to moisturise. I also use this when I shave & find it works brilliantly due to the moisturising nature of this product.
Since you only need such little amount of product for each use this will last forever. I can't remember how long we've had it, but it's definitely been a fair few months!


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I've often seen this in Boots but heve never bought it. Might nip in and try in now it's on offer. Great post! x

MissBryden said...

I love this product too. In fact, the only bad product I've used from Soap and Glory is the hair mask. It makes your hair sooo greasy. Works really well as a shaving balm though!

Amy said...

I have to have this now! I love Soap & Glory's Peachy Cream (almost your name!) Body Butter, it smells divine! xxx

Ana Loves Couture said...

i always see these soap and glory products at Target in the US next time i'll try them out :)

macosophy said...

i love this product too, i'm glad that you're raving about it too because i haven't seen anyone talk about it which is a shame because soap & glory is amazing.

Wayne said...

At the risk of sounding like a complete girl, we had the Soap & Glory all over body scrub stuff in the shower at uni last year and it was phenomenal. I expect every product from them is the same!

I even still buy it for myself and that's saying something ...

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@tackyblueeyeshadow ahh you do! It's a really good offer considering how amazing it is & how long it lasts! xx

@Bryden I need to try out more, I've always been a bit skeptical of S&G don't know why! xx

@Amy yes you do! heh. Ahh I got a little tub of the body butter & I think I need to buy the big one, it's yummy! xx

@Ana ahh that's so cool, didn't know you guys had it over there! xx

@macosophy I know! That's why I've been meaning to do this review, spread the amazingness of this stuff! xx

@Wayne haha, from that recommendation I think I now need to buy the scrub! xx

Emma said...

I bought this product last year I'm about 3/4 of the way though the bottle after everyday useage!

I adore your blog.