Sunday, July 26, 2009

Project beautiful skin

The other week I took out Liz Earle's Skin Secrets book from the Library. It's full of fantastic tips on looking after your skin. It goes through what influences your skin, the best plants (plant oils, essential oils & general ingredients) to use on your skin & how to care for your skin from the inside & out. It's a really great book, I might review it, because we're always obsessing over makeup & enhancing our skin/features but not always thinking about treating it & looking after it. After all the more we look after it now the more it'll repay us later.

So my main point of this is that this book is my aid. My aid in project beautiful skin. I'm sick to death of my skin, it's oily, it's acne prone, I have large pores, blackheads & uneven tone. I'm generally just not happy with it & I now need to seriously do something for it. After the Garnier Pure Active range did nothing for me over the month I tested it, I decided to take other routes. I'm going to look after my skin from the inside as well as treating it from the outside. When we have skin problems we don't always think a lot of it has to do with what's going on inside of our bodies. We frantically try to sort it out with multiple expensive products (many that don't actually work), but how often do we stop & think to change what we put in our bodies & what we could add to our diet to help?

I'll keep updating on project beautiful skin with what I'm doing. I'll be going through the benefits of what I'm doing & whether I'm seeing any differences. For now I'm just going to outline a few things.

1. I'm changing my cleanser. I'm now using The Sanctuary Perfectly Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have used Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish but have just ran out & happened to find this version from The Sanctuary range.

2. I'm going to drink 1.5-2L of water a day. It sounds easy, especially when all I drink is water (well apart from fruit juice or tea & coffee, but no fizzy pop for me thanks) but I sometimes struggle & tend to forget to drink.

3. I'm going to start taking Chlorella. It's mentioned in the book & my dad has been harping on at me for years to take it, but I'm terrible at remembering to take tablets & have never taken it regularly. It's not something that's new to me, we've had it in our house constantly while I've grown up so I'm aware of it's advantages. However, I know it's not widely known, so I will be going through this in ore detail later.

4. I'm going to be using multiple masks & treatments, thank god my mums a therapist, so there's hundreds of essential & plant oils to rummage through & use!

5. I'll be eating a lot healthier (hope I keep to these words!). After all, we are what we eat!

Wish me luck & I'll keep you updated!!


Faye said...

Ahhh, i see you used Kevin&amanda's font thingy! :)

I shouldn't had let my little secret escape :L
took me ages to work it out D: !!

Looks good though, :D

Emma said...

oh i just ordered that book from Amazon today. Glad its good

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@Faye ahh sorry, I saw your comment on your blog with the website. I'm surprised I actually did it, I'm usually too lazy to do anything mildly confusing, lol.

Anonymous said...

Chlorella, ooh, I might try that! That book looks so good!

Rocaille said...

I'm joing you there, hun! I totally agree with what you wrote, it's so important to look after your skin from both inside and outside. Like you, I always struggle to drink a lot of water (even though I also drink mostly water, no Diet Coke or anything!) but I'll try to do my best in the next couple of weeks! I was thinking of writing a post about some elements in the diet that can help make your skin look good.

Good luck with your project and defo keep us updated! xxx

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to read this book for a while, thanks for reminding me!

Have you tried Clarins products? They're really good.


PeachykeenCheeks said...

@Miss Natz it's great for a lot of things, I think it'll be my first post on this project so I'll be writing about it's greatness.

@Rocaille that'd be a great post! I'm hoping with my burst of energy to look after my skin from the inside, I'll in turn be healthier all over.

@Vicki I haven't tried clarins skincare, I've never really thought to go there actually!


Liparazzi said...

Hey, just found your blog, will follow from now on. Love the post on Skincare xx

Beth Catchpole said...
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