Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anatomicals hair review

I was kindly sent some Anatomicals products to try out last week & I have been reaching for them when I've been washing my locks. So here's what I think.

Firstly we have young, free and tingle head shock shampoo.

What you get for your money:
The shampoo is a very reasonably priced £2.49, fantastic for when our pockets are feeling a little empty. For £2.49 you'll get a 250ml bottle covered in quirky words & pictures.

What Anatomicals say:
"If you want to wash that man/woman out of your hair, this is the perfect shampoo with which to do it with. One application and you'll instantly forget your past love and be ready to hit the streets looking for romance, your hair all shiny, glossy and smelling fresh. The inclusion of peppermint oil and menthol will also really wake you up in the morning. Just in case your latest conquest is unable to stay for breakfast."

What I think:
Usually I will use shampoo specially for coloured hair, it keeps my colour fresh & means I need to dye it less, so honestly this wouldn't be my first choice. That being said, I do really like this product. When first putting it into my hands I instantly smell it's menthol scent which soothes my cold/allergy bunged up head. Good so far. So when lathering it into my hair, the menthol smell gets stronger & perks me up from my grogginess. The 'tingle' cooling sensation then kicks in & feels amazing. If like me, you are not a morning person & need that extra hand to wake you up, then you should put this on your bathroom shelf. You can't help feeling more alert & fresh. It cleans my hair very well, it seems too squeaky clean actually & this worried me a bit because my hair is dry/damaged. However, when drying my hair all seems fine & I actually like the final finish.

I'll definitely continue to use this product (specially in the mornings when I just want to go back to bed), but will probably have to use one wash of this & one wash of a colour specific shampoo, as I felt my colour dulled a little when using this. Writing this now my head is reminiscing the menthol, refreshing sensation, needless to say I really enjoy using this shampoo & feel it'd be perfect for when you're feeling a little under the weather & tired.

Next is the sleek shall inherit the earth hair conditioner.

What you get for your money:
Again the conditioner is very reasonably priced at £2.49. For £2.49 you'll get a 250ml bottle covered in more quirky words & pictures.

What Anatomicals say:
"In Religious Education at school, we all learnt that it was the meek who would inherit the earth. Well, fat lot those and any teachers knew. It's really the vain and self-obsessed about their hair who will inherit the earth. Obviously, no RE teacher was, and is, ever going to know that. We mean have you seen their hair? Bird's nest would be a compliment. So the upshot is, use this conditioner and the whole planet is yours."

What I think:

First thing I notice is that the conditioner has no obvious smell, what smell it does have is quite subtly pleasant, but nothing amazing. It's very creamy & I leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing. I like to do this with every conditioner, my hair is quite dry & leaving the conditioner on for a little longer doesn't hurt. I've let my hair dry naturally & I've blow-dried it with this conditioner & it does deliver. I go for very moisturising conditioners due to my hair type so didn't expect this to do a great job, but I have no complains & my hair has felt smooth, conditioned & shiny for once!

Anatomicals products are available from their website, ASOS, HQHair & from what I've heard some Boots stores.

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