Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: Benefit silky powder eyeshadow in Guess again

I was contacted by the lovely Joyce at about a month ago. It's a great site to go to for reviews of products, because they're true reviews & Joyce explained how she didn't mind if the review was bad or good, a review is a review & we need to know the bad ones too!

Needless to say I really like this product. I am not a Benefit type of girl, purely due to the price of their products, so I'm glad I was sent this because otherwise I wouldn't have chose it myself & it's actually a lovely eyeshadow.

What Benefit say

Love Your Look "makeup to match your lifestyle" introduces nine new silky matte powder eye shadow shades that "smooth" on for even coverage to enhance and contour. They blend effortlessly with the love your look creaseless cream shadow/liners so you can mix & match for guaranteed gorgeous.

What you get for your money

£12.60 for 3.50 g Net wt. 0.12 oz It's quite a big eyeshadow so I think it's actually an ok price.

What I think

The colour reminds me of a matte Satin Taupe, it's got that purple undertone to it that goes really well with my blue eyes. The powder is very finely milled & is super silky, so it lives up to it's product name 'silky powder eyeshadow'. Because it is so silky & I want to say creamy because it just feels like it, the blendability of this eyeshadow is amazing. Pigmentation as you can see is amazing, that is one swatch from my finger, I haven't layered it at all. It claims to be creaseless, & I haven't had creasing from it at all, but I have always put it over a MAC paintpot as I wouldn't apply eyeshadow without a base. I actually place this colour in my crease & have had no problems with it creasing at all. I honestly can't get over how blendable, silky & pigmented this eyeshadow is, it's fantastic & I've never actually come across a texture or colour like this one before. I would definitely give this top marks overall, I really love it!

I love this in my crease & outer corner as it's buildable, so for a really quick look, I can just pat on my usual paint pot & then blend this into the crease for a really quick but slightly smokey eye.

No picture really captured it that greatly, because I was in a rush to get out the house I couldn't keep trying for a better one. But this is just Guess Again really lightly in the crease along with MAC Rubenesque paintpot.

Go have a look on for more reviews, you can also join up to give reviews on products too!


Eugenia said...

that actually looks really pretty! im just starting to branch out to matte shadows so this was a good review!

Cheryl said...

Great review!

Nicole said...

thanks for this review :)

Superficialgirl said...

I always love purple-ish colors. that one looks great!

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Ooooh I love that colour! :) x

Doma-Nikki said...

I guess i'll have to take a closer look at their eyeshadows and invest! I like a few of Benefits producs and im so glad I get discount as i work at Boots!!

Great review :o)

funkiimonkee said...

I am loving matte eyeshadows now! This one is great for everyday:)

VexInTheCity said...

That looks really nice on you.

Elise said...

Hey - great post. Really enjoyed it - so interesting on a rainy day & with the sad news about Patrick Swayze too. Nobody puts Patrick in a corner ! Best wishes to you & thanks for such a beautiful blog....

Iced-Tea-Girl said...

Thats really cute colour
love the review!

did you wear it with another colour on your eyes?

audrey said...

it looks great, so pretty^^