Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends of Glass

Some of you who follow me on twitter may have seen my tweets that link to #challengeglass. Over the past week I have been taking part in a challenge for a chance to win a trip to Belgium, you can find out more at Blog in a Bottle. It's basically all about making awareness & getting everyone to recycle glass. Milla (a gorgeous & talented friend) let me in on the challenge & I've loved taking part, it's really helped me connect back with my creativity which is perfect timing for going back to uni, ready for all those design briefs!

So I thought I'd post each of my entries for the 7 parts of the challenge & let you in on other things in my life than just makeup!

Challenge 1 - Use a glass bottle in a manner not initially intended by its manufacturers….
Bracelet holder & actually looks fab on the shelf for decoration.

Challenge 2 - Share a perfect 5 track glass themed playlist on social networking or audio sharing sites

Challenge 3 - Create a glass inspired haiku
chilled white wine/ drank till it's last drop/ recycled again & again

Challenge 4 - Find or make a glass based video to share

Challenge 5- Create a piece of glass-art, using only materials found in one’s bathroom

I used a range of shampoos, shower gels & face mask & went a-la Jackson Pollock.

Challenge 6- Enjoy a ‘glass themed’ night in, or out – with pictures documenting it…

After my monster 9 hour shift on a saturday at work, the only glass theme I could have was a bottle of wine in with the boif & family.

Challenge 7 - Take a picture of an inspiring view through a glass object (e.g. a glass bottle)
Picture could have been so much better, but with it being 1am the lighting isn't that fab! But anyway, the picture is taken through my brush holder (which is glass) & looking onto my grandad's painting pallet, it hangs on my wall & keeps me inspired as well as something to remember him by.


Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey this is pretty cool and awesome ideas. I hope you win :)

Nicole said...

i love this idea!
good luck!

Jen said...

Very inspiring!! I love the bracelets on the bottle, thats a great idea!! Good Luck x x

Expensive Junk said...

Wow it looks so cool (: Iwant to study Graphics design at uni too(:

Victoria said...

Cool!! Great piccys. x

lola said...

thats such a cool the pictures...xoxo

Daisy said...

Great post- really enjoyed reading it! I'll have my fingers crossed for you with the competition! xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Interesting to say the least... xx

maritaBliss said...

Uuuh, I love the bottle as a bracelet holder.