Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LJ's Beauty Studio

 I'd been waiting for LJ's Beauty Studio to open for a while, curious as to what the lashes would be like, so when it launched Laura kindly sent me this pack of 'flirty' lashes. Sets of lashes come with 10 pairs and are priced at £6.50 which when you think one pair in Boots can set you back that much it's definitely worth it. I'm normally used to very thin, clear bands and usually stay clear of the thicker ones thinking they'll not look so great, but they actually still look really nice on, quite dramatic-naturalesque. Before applying them the lashes need bending gently and to give them some extra flexibility and curve is a must but they go on and stick (with the help of DUO) perfectly. I smudged some MAC Coffee eye pencil into the lash line just to give extra definition and base colour for the lashes to go against. The 'flirty' style is beautiful, soft yet full and really flattering, these would be perfect with a soft or heavy eye makeup.

Laura also blogs here along side her shop giving you sneak peaks and tips on what's coming to the shop. She also sells cosmetics tools and sunglasses, I'm loving the 'think...heat wave' ones. 


Emma Louise said...

I got similar lashes on ebay ages ago and havnt been able to wear them because they don't seem to stick! What glue are you using with these?

Tim Mcgraw said...

love your blog x

Here We Go Again

AVY said...

Looks pretty!

/ Avy

Ioana Carmen said...

this is beautiful!

Fashion Spot

Anna said...

I just had a quick scroll through your blog, its all so well done. Your photos are beautiful and i love the lay out of your blog.
These lashes are great, i have a school ball coming up and i am tempted to invest in some.


anto said...

wow, they look beautiful. I've never been one to wear fake lashes very often but these look pretty and they made me want to try lashes like those with simple, soft makeup.

Nic Tokyo said...

Hi, I'm your new follower! Your blog is very nice :) And your eyes look very beautiful!!

I'm very interested in british / european / american beauty items as I'm living in Tokyo. Hope we can share information about our cultures! <3


Laura Hyatt said...

What glue do you use, as I've tried similar ones I got from a beauty store but the glue that came with them just didn't make them stick.