Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Post: Lifting spirits with fashion & beauty

Illustration courtesy of Malia at deepfriedfreckles

Fashion Lifts the Spirits of Women with a Cancer Diagnosis
By: Jackie Clark

A cancer diagnosis can be absolutely devastating news for a woman to hear. Aside from feeling sadness, anger and denial, a woman may also change her lifestyle completely. Those who once cared about beauty and fashion may begin to wear pajamas or tracksuits and opt out of wearing makeup both during and after their cancer treatments.

Whether a woman is dealing with a diagnosis of mesothelioma cancer that has been caused by asbestos exposure or a diagnosis of breast cancer that runs in her family, it is important for her to try to remain a sense of normalcy. Despite a woman’s circumstances it is important to always be aware of the reality of cancer. Sadly, cancer doesn’t discriminate and once this is realized fashion forwardness can shine through.

First and foremost, fashion can be a great way to maintain a sense of normalcy. If a woman typically wore jeans and a sweater everyday, she should continue to do so. This will help her to feel more like herself than if she were to wear pajamas for example.

In addition, experimenting with new types of fashion can also help a woman with or without cancer feel more vibrant. Visiting a department store and asking a sales associate to help find the latest fashions to flatter skin tone and figure are a great place to start.

Accessorizing is also a great way for a woman to feel even more beautiful. Earrings that draw attention to her contoured cheekbones, bracelets that bring awareness to cancer and hats that help her cope with hair loss are also fantastic ways for a cancer patient to feel more beautiful.

Makeup can also be a huge part of fashion. A woman with a cancer diagnosis should continue her makeup regime in order to continue to look and feel her very best. She may also want to consult with makeup artists to help her to brighten up her face, which may appear tired from various rounds of treatment. A new shade of blush or a new tube of mascara can sometimes work wonders for a woman's self esteem.

Most importantly, women should try not to view themselves as victims but rather as victors. Try to keep the mindsets that controlling thoughts and maintaining as much normalcy as possible are the best ways to handle a diagnosis. Taking the steps to feel beautiful in her own skin is just one simple way that she can help herself on to the road to recovery. No matter what the future holds it is always important to look and feel beautiful because true beauty comes from the inside and nothing can change that!


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