Friday, April 30, 2010

Fake Bake beyond Bronze range

There has been a lot of posts regarding great tanners but I'm writing this post to tell you of some not so great ones. It's all good knowing great products to buy, but it's disappointing when you spend £20+ on something & end up using it once. I've tried all of these, the mousse, the lotion & the spray. All give great colour at first, a nice warm colour not orange at all. But when it comes to a morning shower after letting the tan develop over night, I emerge from the shower just as pasty as I was before the 20 or so minutes of applying tan. With the lotion I applied this religiously every day & still after a shower I came out my natural colour, maybe with a slight tinge of tan, definitely not a beyond bronze colour. Both the mousse & spray (VERY messy) give great initial colour, but same results after having a shower. I'm not scrubbing myself clean with a brillo pad & I'm giving the tan more than enough time to develop, so I gave up. It seems the new formula of Beyond Bronze is pants. It's a shame really because I used to love the old formula in the purple packaging.


Lucy said...

What a massive disappointment of a product! xx

Anonymous said...

I am VERY disappointed in all of the fake bake products. I have the same problems as you mentioned, the colour looks fab, until you actually shower and then it dissapears. I guess if you were really pale it would still make a difference, but to me, nada!!

The woman at the counter in the department store told me to be careful when applying as it was SUPER dark. Joker!!

I will always stick by St. Tropez for a full on colour, although I have just bought the St. Moritz to try!

P.s. sorry about the essay!

Jen said...

What a shame - I love the original formula of this!

Have you tried looking in TK Maxx for the original purple packaging? They have gift sets for about £16, it's where I always pick mine up :)

PeachykeenCheeks said...

@Lucy massive disappointment =( xx

@Nik22pink Meh, woman in the department store liiiied, this stuff is crap, I'm gutted I wasted £60 of my money buying them all!

I love the colour st. moritz gives but it goes horribly patchy on my neck and wrists.

@Jen I originally bought the old version in tk maxx =) gotta love that place. It's only in there every now and again though, boo =( xx